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    24.04.2015  BERICAP's DoubleSeal Closure for Smoothies
    Company news   Proven closure technology for Austrian brand BERICAP has been producing one-piece closures for aseptic application for many years. One of these closures is the 38mm 2-start closure equipped with the typical BERICAP DoubleSeal System. Featuring an inner boreseal and outer sealing lip, it delivers excellent tightness for an aseptically ... ()
    23.04.2015  KHS: much greater demand for PET consultancy
    Company news   -Customer demand for new bottle designs noticeably higher in 2014 -Lightweight and special bottle designs at the forefront -Holistic consultancy program Photo: Packaging designer Claudia Schulte combines the specific properties of a PET bottle with high-quality design. The demand for packaging solutions in plastic is huge the world over. ... ()
    22.04.2015  Indonesia: Ban on sales of drinks in convenience and other small stores to ...
      ... hit global brewers Heineken and Diageo Heineken and Diageo are braced for sales of beer in Indonesia to go flat when a government clampdown comes into force on April 16 that could affect half the country’s beer sales, The Financial Times reported on April 13. Diageo, the world’s biggest spirits company, has called on ... ()
    22.04.2015  Tetra Pak reports growth despite a 'challenging year'
    Company news   A further softening of global GDP and rising competition within the liquid food packaging sector made 2014 a challenging year for Tetra Pak. Despite this, the company achieved net sales of €10.9 billion, up 1.7 per cent from 2013, with strong growth in Capital Equipment and Technical Sales helping to offset a disappointing year for ... ()
    22.04.2015  ENGEL Symposium 2015: more than 3000 guests expected
    Company news   Experience. Innovation. Passion – that is the motto at the ENGEL Symposium 2015 in St. Valentin and Linz, Austria, 16th – 18th June. Every three years, the injection moulding machine manufacturer and system expert invites its customers and partners to Austria for its in-house exhibition. The innovative strength of the ENGEL Symposium ... ()
    22.04.2015  Spain & India: Mahou-San Miguel to invest nearly Rs 120 crore in Indian business
      Spain's largest brewer Mahou-San Miguel plans to invest nearly Rs 120 crore in India to market its eponymous brand along with local beer Dare Devil in an effort to make the country one of its largest markets globally, The Economic Times reported on April 17. The company, which controls more than a third of Spanish beer market, entered ... ()
    22.04.2015  Japan: Kirin Brewery says restoration of tsunami-hit brewery took about one year
      Four years after the devastating Japan earthquake and tsunami that killed more than 18,000 people, caused billions of dollars in damage and displaced 230,000 people, many of the companies in the path of the 25-foot waves are back in business, USA Today reported on April 11. At Kirin Brewery, a leading Japanese brand and one of the ... ()
    22.04.2015  Africa: Guinness Nigeria Plc’s CEO promoted President, Diageo Africa
      Guinness Nigeria Plc, a subsidiary of Diageo Plc, announced on April 16 a change in the leadership of the company. Mr. John O’Keeffe, current Managing Director/CEO has been promoted President, Diageo Africa, joining the Diageo Executive Committee and reporting into Dr. Nick Blazquez, President Africa and Asia. Mr. O’Keeffe’s new ... ()
    21.04.2015  Say hello to our newest brew: India Paw Ale
    Company news   Beer — it's a social beverage best enjoyed with friends. Sometimes, though, our human friends kind of suck; they aren't the best listeners, like to talk about themselves and make weird faces when you ask them to sit on your lap. That, my pals, is a problem. Here at New Belgium we like to solve problems, and we decided to face this one ... ()
    21.04.2015  The Better Bottle Company and Aptar Food+Beverage partner to launch a new water enhancer solution
    Company news   Liquid water enhancers are a quickly growing trend worldwide. Primarily driven by an increasing attention to health concerns related to soft drink consumption, it is naturally leading to water as the beverage of choice. The Better Bottle Company, a Dutch manufacturer of innovative Soft Drinks and Aptar Food + Beverage, a global ... ()

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      Containers, tanks and accessories   32 Products   460  Companies  
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