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    17.04.2015  Diageo to acquire control of United National Breweries
    Company news   Diageo to acquire control of United National Breweries' traditional sorghum beer business in South Africa by acquiring the remaining 50% interest which it did not already own. Photo: Ivan Menezes, chief executive officer (CEO) of Diageo On 28 January 2013, Diageo announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire a 50% ... ()
    Company news   Boost your productivity and energy savings Increased productivity and energy savings are both important targets in most industries. Together with our partners throughout the world, Alfa Laval is committed to help you reach these targets and beyond. High rate of dynamic shear mixing Mixing and pumping both wet and dry ingredients ... ()
    16.04.2015  Scotch Whisky exports down in 2014 - Long-term outlook remains strong
    Company news   Weaker economic conditions and political volatility in some markets saw the value of Scotch Whisky exports decline 7% to £3.95 billion in 2014 from £4.26bn the previous year, according to new figures published on 1 April. The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) called on the European Union and the future UK government, no matter the ... ()
    15.04.2015  Oatmeal IPA on tap near you
    Company news   A cushion, buffer, or a pillow—however you describe it, a spoonful of oats helps the hops go down. For newest Hop Kitchen Series release, we’ve brewed the silky-smooth, ultra-tropical Oatmeal IPA, a collaboration with our Chicago friends at Half Acre Beer Co. Over the last two years, our Hop Kitchen Series has been a springboard for ... ()
    15.04.2015  European Parliament's Public Health committee calls for better drinks labeling as part of a new ...
    Company news   ... Alcohol Strategy to reduce harm The European Parliament’s committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety supported a resolution calling for a new EU strategy to tackle health harm from alcohol to be put into action for 2016-2022. The Resolution also emphasizes the importance of better labeling of alcoholic drinks including ... ()
    15.04.2015  The Czech Republic: Plzeňský Prazdroj sold 6.5 mln hl of beer at home and ...
      ... increased sales abroad by 6% last year Plzeňský Prazdroj sold a total of 6.5 million hectolitres of beer on the Czech market in the year 2014, The Prague Daily Monitor reported on April 10. The total sales abroad including licenced production reached 3.5 million hectolitres (35 % of the production) and increased by more than 6 ... ()
    15.04.2015  UK: Bottled beer taking increased share of SIBA members’ sales
      A report from the Society of Independent Brewers shows bottled beer taking an increasing share of its members’ sales, Off-Licence News reported on April 7. The report, based on a survey of members, showed that more small brewers are producing beer in bottles and cans, with cask ale as a proportion of total SIBA production falling from ... ()
    15.04.2015  USA: Strong dollar does not reduce global thirst for US craft beer
      A strong dollar may be harming the competitiveness of US exports but it has failed to damp the world’s thirst for US-brewed craft beer, The Financial Times reported on April 5. Led by increased consumption in Europe and emerging markets, total exports of US craft beer surged 36 per cent in 2014, topping $100 mln for the first time ever. ... ()
    15.04.2015  Craft Brewers Conference 2015 Commences in Portland, Ore.
    Company news   The 2015 Craft Brewers Conference, hosted by the Brewers Association (BA), kicked off on Tuesday with the Welcome Reception, held at Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The event brought together over 8,000 beer professionals with a theme of “Keep Portland Weird.” Attendees enjoyed their choice of beers from 59 different Oregon breweries, as ... ()
    14.04.2015  Diageo Brands Lead Impact Databank's 2015 'Top 100 Spirits' Rankings
    Company news   Diageo brands claim the top spot for both retail value and volume lists: Johnnie Walker (photo) remains the world's number one spirit by value while Smirnoff continues to be the world's number one premium spirit by volume Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol, has again increased its leadership of Impact Databank's Top 100 Spirit ... ()

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      Malts   16 Products   229  Companies  
      Raw materials for malt and beer production   19 Products   262  Companies  
      Raw materials for non-alcoholic beverages production   13 Products   700  Companies  
    Machines and installations   201 Products   2386  Companies  
      Beverage production machines and installation   48 Products   570  Companies  
      Filling and cleaning equipment   44 Products   626  Companies  
      Filtration and separation   26 Products   417  Companies  
      Labelling and finishing mach., recording equipment, hardware   10 Products   341  Companies  
      Machines and installations, misc.   27 Products   813  Companies  
      Malt production machines and installations   17 Products   144  Companies  
      Packing and transportation systems   26 Products   757  Companies  
      Pub breweries machines and installations   3 Products   68  Companies  
    Operating and laboratory equipment   135 Products   1721  Companies  
      Containers, tanks and accessories   32 Products   460  Companies  
      Control and processing systems   12 Products   349  Companies  
      Disinfection and cleaning equipment, CIP systems   5 Products   176  Companies  
      Drive components, drives, couplings   2 Products   73  Companies  
      Fittings and pumps   23 Products   483  Companies  
      Laboratory equipment   5 Products   79  Companies  
      Measurement and control technology, misc.   10 Products   196  Companies  
      Measuring equipment   32 Products   447  Companies  
      Regulation systems   14 Products   334  Companies  
    Energy management, working and packaging materials   119 Products   2090  Companies  
      Beverage containers and packages   17 Products   536  Companies  
      Energy management: supply and disposal   6 Products   198  Companies  
      Environmental protection, recycling and industrial safety   23 Products   197  Companies  
      Labelling, packing materials and aids   53 Products   1034  Companies  
      Process materials   20 Products   357  Companies  
    Catering equipment   35 Products   649  Companies  
      Catering furniture and accecories   15 Products   330  Companies  
      Dispensing systems and vending machines   14 Products   334  Companies  
      Tents and accessories   6 Products   87  Companies  
    Transport and sales vehicles   14 Products   215  Companies  
      Dispensing and sales vehicles   2 Products   36  Companies  
      Transport vehicles and equipment   12 Products   202  Companies  
    Organization and advertising   32 Products   1041  Companies  
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