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    24.11.2014  Bowmore® Single Malt Scotch Whisky Introduces Bowmore® Small Batch
    Company news   Bowmore, the first distillery on Islay established in 1779, is proud to introduce its latest expression – Bowmore® Small Batch Single Malt Scotch Whisky – a perfect and accessible embodiment of the Taste of Islay. The distillery has used its centuries-long experience to create a perfect combination of flavors that encapsulate Scotch ... ()
    21.11.2014  Green Sheep Water Separates from Flock with Ball Corporation's Alumi-Tek® Bottle
    Company news   Aluminum water bottles are infinitely recyclable, chill faster and are reclosable Being different isn't always a bad thing – especially when that difference is something you believe in. That's why Green Sheep Water – "the bottled water with a green conscience" – is launching in infinitely recyclable, 16-ounce aluminum bottles made ... ()
    21.11.2014  Capacity increases at Brigl & Bergmeister
    Company news   At their Niklasdorf mill, Brigl & Bergmeister are investing in a 5,000 ton capacity increase and higher energy efficiency. B&B have ordered a new film press (SpeedSizer) from VOITH for their paper machine at the Niklasdorf mill, replacing the conventional size press. In addition, a non-contact energy-efficient compact infrared and ... ()
    20.11.2014  Diageo strengthens its global position in tequila and its leading position in Mexico through ...
    Company news   ... transaction facilitated by the sale of Bushmills Diageo has agreed with Casa Cuervo the acquisition of full global ownership and control of Tequila Don Julio and the early termination of Casa Cuervo's production and distribution agreement for Smirnoff in Mexico. In return, Diageo has reached an agreement to sell Bushmills to ... ()
    19.11.2014  Directly printed PET bottles in Nature MultiPacksTM win German Packaging Award 2014
    Company news   Each year under the patronage of the German Ministry for Economy and Energy the German Packaging Award is presented to only the very best ideas and innovations in the packaging industry. This year a specialist jury of 16 selected nominees from a total of 230 submitted entries. One of the prizewinners for 2014 is NMP Systems GmbH, a wholly ... ()
    19.11.2014  Barry-Wehmiller Taps Packaging Veteran to Lead Strategy Initiatives
    Company news   Bob Chapman, Chairman and CEO, is pleased to announce that Carol O’Neill (photo), a respected veteran of the packaging and manufacturing industries, has been named Barry-Wehmiller’s Vice President of Strategy, Technology and Key Initiatives. In the new position for the rapidly-expanding $2+ billion global organization, O’Neill will ... ()
    18.11.2014  Coca-Cola Life Arrives On Shelves Nationwide
    Company news   Following initial summer roll out, The Coca-Cola Company’s first reduced-calorie sparkling beverage sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf extract now available across U.S. Life is genuinely sweet with the cold, refreshing taste of Coca-Cola Life. The new beverage is The Coca-Cola Company’s first reduced calorie cola (35 percent ... ()
    18.11.2014  High performance with a small footprint
    Company news   Sustainable, clean and powerful: at the Arabplast 2015 trade show from January 10 to 13 in Dubai, ENGEL, together with Uni-Cap and other partners, will be presenting its high competence in system solutions. One area of focus will be the packaging industry. An all-electric ENGEL e-cap injection moulding machine will be producing ... ()
    Company news   New range of natural flavors responds to the trend for comfort food and enables manufacturers to create beverages with a seasonal twist Autumn is a time when a great variety of fruits are at their best – Sensient’s Seasonal Selection captures the authentic taste profiles of many popular Autumn-harvested fruits. The new range is ... ()
    17.11.2014  EU: Non-alcoholic beer enjoys growing demand in Europe
      One in seven British drinkers bought a non-alcoholic beer last year, highlighting improvements in taste and quality of alcohol-free alternatives, according to new figures from global research firm Mintel. Across Europe, Mintel statistics show that consumers are gaining a thirst for non-alcoholic beer with Spanish drinkers the top consumers, ... ()

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    Raw materials   48 Products   1048  Companies  
      Malts   16 Products   227  Companies  
      Raw materials for malt and beer production   19 Products   260  Companies  
      Raw materials for non-alcoholic beverages production   13 Products   703  Companies  
    Machines and installations   201 Products   2379  Companies  
      Beverage production machines and installation   48 Products   569  Companies  
      Filling and cleaning equipment   44 Products   623  Companies  
      Filtration and separation   26 Products   416  Companies  
      Labelling and finishing mach., recording equipment, hardware   10 Products   341  Companies  
      Machines and installations, misc.   27 Products   807  Companies  
      Malt production machines and installations   17 Products   144  Companies  
      Packing and transportation systems   26 Products   756  Companies  
      Pub breweries machines and installations   3 Products   68  Companies  
    Operating and laboratory equipment   135 Products   1708  Companies  
      Containers, tanks and accessories   32 Products   455  Companies  
      Control and processing systems   12 Products   344  Companies  
      Disinfection and cleaning equipment, CIP systems   5 Products   176  Companies  
      Drive components, drives, couplings   2 Products   72  Companies  
      Fittings and pumps   23 Products   484  Companies  
      Laboratory equipment   5 Products   77  Companies  
      Measurement and control technology, misc.   10 Products   192  Companies  
      Measuring equipment   32 Products   443  Companies  
      Regulation systems   14 Products   332  Companies  
    Energy management, working and packaging materials   118 Products   2091  Companies  
      Beverage containers and packages   17 Products   532  Companies  
      Energy management: supply and disposal   6 Products   200  Companies  
      Environmental protection, recycling and industrial safety   22 Products   198  Companies  
      Labelling, packing materials and aids   53 Products   1033  Companies  
      Process materials   20 Products   356  Companies  
    Catering equipment   35 Products   649  Companies  
      Catering furniture and accecories   15 Products   332  Companies  
      Dispensing systems and vending machines   14 Products   332  Companies  
      Tents and accessories   6 Products   88  Companies  
    Transport and sales vehicles   14 Products   215  Companies  
      Dispensing and sales vehicles   2 Products   37  Companies  
      Transport vehicles and equipment   12 Products   202  Companies  
    Organization and advertising   32 Products   1032  Companies  
      Advertising media and promotional articles   9 Products   328  Companies  
      Organization, logistics, EDP and consulting services   23 Products   712  Companies  
    Trade press, associations, institutes, institutions   2 Products   467  Companies  
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