'Klötenköm' egg liqueur named 'WORLD's BEST EGG LIQUEUR 2022'

Egg liqueur is a refined and fine drop of a special kind. If egg liqueur, then Klötenköm from Spitzmund.

'Klötenköm' egg liqueur named 'WORLD's BEST EGG LIQUEUR 2022'
© Spitzmund
Source:  Company news

Without much fuss, this egg liqueur contains only the best of everything, which is why our liqueur:

  • free from gluten
  • free from lactose
  • free of colouring
  • refined with vanilla
  • refined with Jamaican rum
  • has already won several awards & prizes

The special egg liqueur from Spitzmund
Captains and their crews had travelled far to taste this drink in Kiel. They knew it from their long voyages, where natives in Brazil prepared this drink with avocados, alcohol and cane sugar as a refreshment. Having landed back in Kiel, they wanted to enjoy it here too.

And the crew set off ashore to find an excellent supplier of this drink - and they found it after surveying countless distilleries and varieties. A master of his trade named "Andreas Werner" prepared to use the best dark rum with excellent eggs as the contents of a delicious liqueur. It was said that the chickens were so pleased that they voluntarily laid more eggs of unspeakable size, because the eggs came from happy hens from farmer-owned KAT-certified farms. It can be said that Spitzmund is one of the best of the world's egg liqueurs, having won several awards for this exquisite spirit.

Our egg liqueur gets its fine aroma from the high-quality ingredients. Besides the main ingredients rum and vanilla, fresh eggs are included. Our egg liqueur with 20 % vol. contains neither milk nor cream. For an unadulterated taste, no lactose, gluten, colourings or milk protein are added to the bottle. You can buy our award-winning egg liqueur, also known as Klötenköm, in our online shop. Our egg liqueur has already received several awards and has won first place three times.

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