Mönchshof Natural Radler Blood Orange

You can taste the natural fruit juice in our Mönchshof Natural Radler Blood Orange! The pleasantly light tartness of the blood orange plays perfectly with the refreshingly fruity flavour of sun-ripened citrus fruits.

Mönchshof Natural Radler Blood Orange
© Mönchshof Bräuhaus
Source:  Company news

Sparkling-fresh with a slight natural cloudiness, this shandy speciality with 2.5% alcohol by volume does not contain any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Alcohol completely dispenses with artificial sweeteners and preservatives and thus relies on the pure flavour of nature.

Drinking temperature: 6-7° C
Original wort: 11.2%
Alcohol: 2.5% vol.

The Mönchshof Natur Radler Blutorange is available in these container sizes for the big and small thirst:
20 x 0.5l BV crate
4 x 0.5l pack
0.5 litre can

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