New family member at Schlüssel: Original Schlüssel GOLD - First Düsseldorf Session Pale Ale

In search of a real novelty for all Rhineland beer lovers, the brewers of the house brewery "Zum Schlüssel" found it. For over a year, they brewed, fermented, tested and tasted again and again.

New family member at Schlüssel: Original Schlüssel GOLD - First Düsseldorf Session Pale Ale
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Source:  Company news

Baas Karl-Heinz Gatzweiler and Braumeister Dirk Rouenhoff, already for 15 years a team and both diploma Biersommeliers, set the bar for quality and taste completely above. Our Original Schlüssel Alt, which has won several gold awards, is always the benchmark. And so the name was quickly found, especially since since 1850 four golden keys on the top of the striking three-gable facade of the key shine above the state capital.

It is clear that Original Schlüssel GOLD carries the key DNA in itself, if only because of the same yeast. This ensures an unmistakable taste and underlines the fact that it belongs to the Schlüssel family. "It would not be wise to do without this unique and proven yeast," says brewmaster Dirk Rouenhoff. Further evidence of the Schlüssel genes is the traditional open top fermentation typical of Schlüssel and Düsseldorf.

Why a new beer?
In the past, we have repeatedly experienced that there are customers who absolutely and exclusively want to drink a light beer. We now want to satisfy them as well. The same goes for key fans who want to offer their guests at home a light alternative in addition to our Alt. Here, Gold is the perfect addition to our portfolio.

Why a Session Pale Ale?
As an Alt brewery, we feel a strong commitment to top-fermented specialty beers. By no means did we want to brew just any pale ale, and of course not a Kölsch. The "Session Pale Ale" variety is not yet widespread in Germany, but has a tradition dating back to the 17th century. The ideal niche for a fruity, light key interpretation, brewed for the Rhenish beer market and its beer friends.

Session Pale Ale briefly explained
The variety originated in England in the 17th century. The basic idea was to produce a beer with less alcohol (our Gold has 4.7% vol. Alk.), which the workers in the factories could drink for a whole shift "session". A light beer "pale" produced in top-fermented brewing "ale".

GOLD: The name is obvious
The color of the beer speaks for itself, but the four golden keys on the brewery's distinctive three-gable facade also served as inspiration. "The key as a brand symbol has accompanied the house brewery for almost two centuries," explains Gatzweiler. "At the evening hour, the battlements of our house brewery are bathed in warm light, allowing the golden keys on the roof peak to shine. It's a wonderful match for our new family member."

Available Nov. 11, 2021.
In keeping with tradition, Original Schlüssel GOLD will be introduced on 11/11/2021. Not only because 11.11. is of very special significance in the carnival stronghold of Düsseldorf, but also because the Hausbrauerei zum Schlüssel was founded exactly 171 years ago on 11.11.1850.

An asset for beer lovers
Original Schlüssel GOLD will initially be launched in the 0.33 l longneck bottle, available in the six-pack and the 24 x 0.33 l crate. The house brewery will, of course, serve its guests the Session Pale Ale freshly tapped at the head office. End consumers will recognize the novelty in food retailers and specialist beverage markets by its golden appearance.