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SIG and Amcor push responsible aluminium sourcing further  (Company news)

Picture: Most of SIG’s carton packs are on average made of 75% paper board, 21% polymers and 4% aluminium. Following its responsibility approach entitled WAY BEYOND GOOD, the company is committed to sourcing 100% of its direct materials from only certified sources. Photo: SIG

Following its responsibility approach entitled WAY BEYOND GOOD, SIG is committed to sourcing 100% of its direct materials from only certified sources. Working together with value chain partner Amcor, the partnership aims to assure that the aluminium foil supply chain is working towards the performance standard of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI, Amcor, a global leader in responsible packaging, is one of SIG's main suppliers for aluminium in Europe.

A razor-thin aluminium layer is used in most of SIG’s carton packs to protect the food from light, oxygen and external odours.

The new ASI performance standard reveals principles that must be met along the supply chain of aluminium and covers the main sustainability risks and potential impacts such as significant energy use and the release of greenhouse gases in the process to converting bauxite ore into aluminium, impacts on local communities and natural habitats from mining, and the potential for water pollution from production waste.

ASI has recently launched a new Certification programme for the aluminium value chain, which focuses on responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of this important industrial metal. The new program aims at addressing and reducing the impacts of aluminium production: from mines, smelters and casting to semi-fabrication and manufacture of products containing aluminium.

Both SIG and Amcor support ASI’s initiative as very effective in creating long-term consensus on standards. Such initiatives often take considerable time to be adopted throughout the industry, however, so to start this important work as early as possible SIG and Amcor engaged the trusted third party verification body DNV GL to conduct pilot assessments.

Collaborative approach
Dr Christian Bauer, Manager Environmental Affairs and Product Related Sustainability, of SIG said: “Our aim is clear. This is not a pass/fail exercise, but a collaborative approach to share industry best practices and ensure we are at the forefront of sourcing aluminium foil that will meet or surpass the ASI performance standards, ensuring continuous environmental improvement as well as best in class ethical practices.”

The pilot looks at the value chain of aluminium foil all the way to the bauxite mines and is intended to provide a snapshot of performance against the ASI Performance Standard. Dr Colin Morgan, Principal Consultant at DNV GL, said: “Engaging suppliers on improving sustainability performance from mine to manufacturing is a challenging task. We are proud to work together with SIG and Amcor to bring visibility over their supply chains, build capacity and help all stakeholders to get ready for ASI through our pilot audits. This is a pioneering approach to multi-tier engagement that delivers value and benefits for all involved.”

In 2017, collaborative assessments with value chain partners were completed in Europe and Asia for the manufacturing of aluminium foil and foil stock. The pilots provided a readiness check to close gaps against ASI standard requirements, and acknowledged any existing certifications the sites already have – ensuring a streamlined approach and value creation for everyone.

Dr Gerald Rebitzer, Sustainability Director at Amcor said: “What we found was that the performance of the assessed sites generally aligns very well with the requirements of the ASI performance standard, and we are already working with the suppliers to close any gaps. The results are very encouraging.”

At the forefront
In 2018, SIG and Amcor will go further down the value chain. With this ongoing program and the subsequent planned ASI certification, both SIG and Amcor are confident that they will be well prepared to be at the forefront of offering packaging with responsibly sourced aluminium foil. SIG has already been at the forefront of sourcing from responsibly managed forests with 100% of its liquid packaging board from paper mills with the FSCTM Chain of Custody certification and 89% made with wood from FSCTM certified forests (FSCTM trademark licence code: FSCTM C020428). Since 2017 SIG is also certified according to ISCC PLUS in view of sourcing of renewable feedstock for polymers.

This new collaboration with Amcor to push responsible aluminium sourcing further is another important step on SIG’s net-positive journey of going WAY BEYOND GOOD. The company is focusing on three core areas in which it can do the most for society and the environment, with responsibility at the centre of this: how SIG runs the company, sources its materials, and manufactures its products.
(SIG Combibloc Group AG)

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Collaboration and innovation recognised as Amcor secures three awards in ...  (Company news)

...DuPont Packaging Awards 2017

Amcor’s customer-focused approach and accomplishment in collaboration and innovation has been recognised three times over by the 2017 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation.

The global packaging company received a gold award in the Technological Advancement and Responsible Packaging categories for its Vento™ coffee packaging; silver for the 20-ounce Vitaminwater® bottle in the Responsible Packaging category; and – in partnership with Crown Holdings Inc. – a gold award for Peelfit™ in the Technological Advancement and Responsible Packaging categories.

“Our global expertise is regularly producing packaging that is more functional, appealing, and cost effective for our customers and their consumers, and more sustainable for the environment,” said Brian Carvill, Vice President of Research, Development and Advanced Engineering for Amcor’s Rigid Plastics business.

Dr. Carvill said it was an honour to have three Amcor products recognised this year by the DuPont Awards.
“These products reflect Amcor’s commitment to collaboration and innovation with our customers, and demonstrate the company’s deep knowledge of customer processing and supply chain needs,” he said.

The polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Vitaminwater bottle uses two Amcor innovations to improve performance, while weighing less than conventional hot-fill containers. The base of the bottle features Amcor’s PowerStrap™ technology to strengthen its structure and increase vacuum absorption during filling. The sidewall incorporates the company’s ActiveHinge™ technology to further improve rigidity. Besides reducing the weight of the package, these technologies also improve labelling efficiency and stacking strength.

A second award was given for Vento, Amcor’s high-performance laminate for ground coffee and whole beans. The innovative packaging allows coffee producers to capture the flavour and aroma of freshly roasted coffee without the need for hard valves, extra machinery, and extra processing steps, explains Luca Zerbini, Vice President of Marketing, R&D and Sustainability for Amcor's Flexibles division in Europe.

“Coffee roasters want to reduce the cost and complexity of packaging while increasing the speed of their operations,” said Mr. Zerbini. “The Vento degassing system is integrated into the laminate, provides more packaging design flexibility, runs on all coffee packing machines, and can increase the speed of the packaging process.”

Vento maintains barrier integrity and product freshness, weighs less, and has a reduced carbon footprint compared to coffee packaging with hard valves. It removes the need to purchase and apply traditional valves, and allows coffee to be packed immediately after roasting with no additional equipment or steps.

The third honoured product, Peelfit™ was developed by Crown Holdings Inc. using Amcor’s CanSeal Pro. Peelfit is designed for dry-food markets to address demands for greater convenience, reduced packaging weight, and increased product protection.

“Peelfit is the result of work by Crown’s talented designers and engineers with our strategic packaging partner Amcor,” said Olivier Aubry, Business Development and Marketing Director, Crown Food Europe.

Amcor’s CanSeal Pro is a revolutionary flexible membrane, which allows Peelfit™ to use less metal while maintaining performance and functionality. Sustainability benefits include the elimination of the rigid steel ring typically required in double seaming applications, making the container 16 percent lighter than conventional foil seam cans.

The DuPont Awards for Packaging is an international, independently-judged competition that honors innovations in packaging design, materials, technology and processes throughout the entire packaging value chain. The judging panel evaluated more than 140 entries from 24 countries.

Amcor has won DuPont Awards for a number of packaging solutions in recent years, including Formpack® Ultra, cold form blister packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, and a PET bottle for Method Products which contains 100-percent post-consumer recycled PET resin.
(Amcor Limited)

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Amcor Announces Result For Year Ended 30 June 2016   (Company news)

Statutory profit for the year ended 30 June 2016 was US$244.1 million.

Underlying profit for the year ended 30 June 2016 was US$671.1 million.
Highlights for year ended 30 June 2016 - underlying earnings unless otherwise indicated.

-Profit after tax of US$671.1 million up 7.5% on a constant currency basis; 

-Earnings per share (EPS) up 11.3% to 57.7 US cents on a constant currency basis; 

-Returns, measured as profit before interest and tax to average funds employed of 21.6%; 

-Free cash flow of US$311.2 million(2); and 

-Annual dividend per share (DPS) increased to 41.0 US cents. Paid as 55.3 AUD cents, up 4.3%. 

In announcing the result, Amcor’s Managing Director & CEO, Mr Ron Delia (photo) said: “Today, Amcor reported a strong full year result with growth in earnings, returns and cash flow delivered in a challenging macroeconomic environment.

The defensiveness and resilience of our businesses was once again evident with balanced growth across the portfolio. Growth was solid in both developed and emerging markets, there was a mix of growth from organic sources and from acquisitions and both the flexibles and rigid plastics segments achieved higher results than the same period last year.

“Underlying earnings per share, on a constant currency basis increased 11.3% reflecting strong profit growth and the benefit of a US$500 million share buy-back completed during the period.

“Cash generation remained solid, the balance sheet is strong and returns exceeded 21% for the first time. This enabled Amcor to redeploy US$1.2 billion of cash to generate value for shareholders through acquisitions, a share buy-back and by increasing the dividend. In Australian dollar terms, the annual dividend has increased 4.3%. 

“Amcor has made good progress against a set of strategic priorities that were introduced over the last 12 months.

The business is in a strong position today, and there are many opportunities to make it even stronger by generating our own growth, increasing our agility and adapting the organisation, and developing our people.

“Since 30 June 2015, Amcor has announced or completed eight acquisitions in the United States, Canada, South Africa, South America, China and India, and has invested in three dedicated greenfield facilities to support the growth of our customers. We have also been proactive in making changes to our organisation in order to unlock further growth and to take advantage of our global reach. These are important components of Amcor’s growth strategy and we continue to see many opportunities to deliver strong value for shareholders.

Business Group Performance
“Amcor’s end markets are relatively defensive with most sales into the food, beverage and health care segments. Against a backdrop of challenging economic conditions, the performance of the businesses was strong reflecting growth from acquisitions and robust organic growth in emerging and developed markets.

“The Flexible Packaging segment had a solid year with constant currency earnings growth of 7.2%. The key drivers of earnings growth were higher tobacco packaging volumes, benefits from prior period acquisitions, excellent cost performance and strong organic growth in emerging markets.

“The Rigid Plastics business had an outstanding year with earnings up 9.7%. There was strong volume growth in the North American operations with higher volumes in all the main product segments, and continued earnings growth in Latin America.

“The Company is very well positioned for continued growth. The outlook for the 2016/17 year is for higher earnings than the 2015/16 year, expressed in constant currency terms.”
(Amcor Ltd)

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Amcor announces intiatives to optimise cost base and drive earnings growth in the flexibles segment  (Company news)

As first outlined in the FY2015 results presentation last August, Amcor is focused on efforts to generate our own growth and more aggressively adapt to changes in the operating environment.

Generating our own growth requires increasing customer focus, building on our strength in innovation and continuing to drive our M&A agenda. We have made good progress in each of these areas. The initiatives announced today are focused on the Flexibles segment, which includes Tobacco Packaging, and are designed to accelerate the pace of adapting the organisation within developed markets through:
-Footprint optimisation, to better align capacity with demand, increase utilisation and improve the cost base. This will likely result in the restructuring or closure of several plants in developed markets.
-Streamlining the organisation, particularly in Europe, to enable greater customer focus and speed to market by reducing complexity. This will also result in lower overhead costs.

Details of individual initiatives are being developed, local consultation will occur and announcements will be released at the appropriate time.

Collectively these initiatives are expected to generate a pre-tax return of approximately 35% on the cash invested within three years, delivering a profit before interest and tax benefit of US$40 million to US$50 million (profit after tax benefit of US$30 million to US$40 million).

The total cash investment is expected to be US$120 million to US$150 million across the 2017 and 2018 financial years. Including non-cash costs, profit before interest and tax will be negatively impacted by US$170 million to US$200 million (profit after tax cost of US$150 million to US$180 million). Of these pre-tax costs, approximately US$90 to US$100 million is expected to be incurred in the 2016 financial year with the remainder being recognised in the 2017 financial year.

Amcor CEO and Managing Director, Ron Delia (photo) said: “Amcor has strong flexible and tobacco packaging businesses in the developed markets with leading market positions which provide a solid platform for future growth. To build on that strong foundation, it is critical we continue to take decisive steps to align the organisation with market growth opportunities and customer needs.

“The initiatives we have announced today are important enablers of our plan to drive greater customer focus and to generate faster organic growth in our Flexibles segment. In addition to reducing complexity and ensuring the cost position of the businesses remains competitive, the cash invested will generate attractive returns. Combined with the benefits from the recent Alusa acquisition, the Flexibles segment is expected to deliver pre-tax earnings growth of more than US$100 million over the next 3 years.

“Importantly, all the elements of our Shareholder Value Creation model will remain unchanged. Amcor will continue to generate strong cash flow and investing in these initiatives will not impact the ability to fund capital expenditure, acquisitions or dividends”.
(Amcor Limited)

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Amcor announces profit result for half year ended 31 December 2015  (Company news)

Highlights for half year ended 31 December 2015
On a constant currency basis, earnings per share (EPS) was up 10.2% to 29.3 cents;

-On a constant currency basis PAT was up 6.6% to US$342.6 million;
-Profit after tax of US$305.5 million, including the negative translation impact from the higher US dollar of US$37 million;
-Returns, measured as profit before interest and tax to average funds employed of 20.2%;
-Operating cash flow, after net capital expenditure, of US$101.9 million; and
-Dividend per share (DPS) of 19.0 US cents. Paid as 26.7 AUD cents, up 9.5%.

In announcing the result, Amcor’s Managing Director & CEO, Mr Ron Delia (photo) said: “The business delivered an outstanding first half result with strong growth in earnings and returns.
“Earnings per share, on a constant currency basis increased 10.2% reflecting strong profit growth and the benefit of a US$500 million share buy-back completed during the period. Cash generation was solid and returns remained above 20%.
“All Amcor business units performed well during the half year. The key drivers of strong earnings growth were higher volumes in both the Rigid Plastics and Tobacco Packaging businesses. There were also benefits from recent acquisitions and continued improvement in operating performance.
“Since 30 June 2015, the business has announced or completed six acquisitions in the USA, South Africa, Brazil, China and India. This is an important component of Amcor’s grow th strategy and we continue to find opportunities that deliver strong value for shareholders.
“Amcor has a strong foundation to build on, and an excellent track record of ongoing improvement. Amcor is well positioned in an increasingly dynamic world and has substantial opportunities to leverage the existing portfolio to generate growth.

Business Group Performance
Commenting on the business performance, Mr Delia said: “The Flexible Packaging segment delivered solid adjusted constant currency earnings growth of 6.1% and achieved returns of 24.6%. The key drivers of earnings growth were higher tobacco packaging volumes, benefits from prior period acquisitions and strong
organic growth in emerging markets.
“The Rigid Plastics business had an outstanding half year with earnings up 10% and returns above 20%. There was strong volume growth in the North American operations with higher volumes in all the main product segments, and continued earnings growth in Latin America.

“The full year outlook is for higher earnings than the 2014/15 year, expressed in constant currency terms.”
(Amcor Limited)

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Amcor wins Climate Disclosure Award with perfect score  (Company news)

Amcor has received the highest Climate Disclosure rating of companies listed in the ASX200, being awarded a perfect score of 100% for its Climate Disclosure and winning the CDP ASX200 Best Climate Disclosure Award.

Photo: David Clark, Amcor’s head of Safety Environment and Sustainability

CDP is the world’s only global climate disclosure program. The Climate Disclosure Award recognises Amcor’s robust carbon measurement and management, climate change strategy, risk management processes and outcomes, and commitment to transparently reporting on our performance.
Amcor’s head of Safety Environment and Sustainability, David Clark said: “We are delighted to accept the CDP Award which is testament to our ongoing commitment to transparent reporting and continually looking for new and better ways to reduce carbon emissions, waste to landfill and water use across our global operations.
“We track this through our global EnviroAction program which delivers real and tangible environmental and social benefits. Since the start of Amcor’s five year EnviroAction plan in 2010/11, the Company has reduced green house gas emission intensity by 19%; waste to landfill intensity by 53%; and water use intensity by 16%. In addition, last year over 40 of our sites reported zero waste to landfill and all 180 sites reduced their waste contributing to a more sustainable environment,” concluded Mr Clark.
(Amcor Ltd)

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Amcor announces profit result for year ended 30 June 2014  (Company news)

Statutory profit for the year ended 30 June 2014 from continuing operations(1)(2) was $737.0(3) million compared with $589.2(4) million for the year ended 30 June 2013.

Photo: Amcor’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Ken MacKenzie

Highlights – continuing operations results
-Profit after tax of $737.0 million, up 24.6%(5);
-Earnings per share (EPS) was 61.1 cents, up 24.7%(5). On a constant currency basis EPS was up 9.2%(5)(6);
-Returns, measured as profit before interest and tax to average funds employed of 19.4%(6);
-Operating cash flow after net capital expenditure of $890.6(7) million;
-Net cash from operating activities was $1,171.0 million; and
-Annual dividend of 43.0 cents per share, up 26.5%(8).

In announcing the result, Amcor’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Ken MacKenzie said: “The full year result represents another period of higher profits and returns.
“Earnings per share, for the continuing operations, increased 24.7% to 61.1 cents per share and the dividend increased 26.5% to 43.0 cents per share. On a constant currency basis, earnings per share increased 9.2%.The key drivers of higher earnings were the benefits from recent acquisitions, ongoing growth in emerging markets and continued improvement in operating performance.
“Over the past 12 months there have been a number of exciting developments.
“We recently announced a new breakthrough technology called LiquiFormTM which will transform the rigid plastic container industry, and is an outstanding example of how Amcor is translating its deep understanding of the needs of customers and consumers into new and improved ways of operating.
“We are building a new greenfield tobacco packaging plant in Indonesia to support our growth in that market. This is an exciting development that continues to build on our successful emerging market position.
“Acquistions remain a key component of our growth strategy going forward and over the past year we announced Flexible Packaging acquisitions in China, Australia, Indonesia and India. These acquisitions enhance our ability to create value for our customers and improves our unique global footprint.”

Business Group Performance
Commenting on business segment performance, Mr MacKenzie said: “The Flexible Packaging segment had a solid performance with earnings up 7.1% in constant currency terms and record returns of 24.3%. The operating sales margin increased from 11.6% to 12.1% which is an outstanding achievement and reflects innovation driven product mix improvements and ongoing strong growth in emerging markets.
“The Rigid Plastics group had a solid year with higher earnings and returns. The business benefited from continued growth in Latin America and strong improvement in the Diversified Products division from new higher value-add products."

“The outlook for the 2014/15 year is for higher earnings.”
(Amcor Ltd)

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Amcor announces revolutionary LiquiForm™ technology  (Company news)

Amcor announces the launch of a revolutionary new technology. LiquiForm™ uses the consumable liquid instead of compressed air to hydraulically form and fill the container on one machine simultaneously. By combining the forming and filling processes into one step, LiquiForm™ dramatically simplifies the manufacture of rigid plastic containers for a wide range of consumer products.

Amcor developed the LiquiForm™ concept in 2006, and subsequently set up a joint venture which owns the patented LiquiForm™ technology and related intellectual property.
For consumer product manufacturers, this breakthrough is expected to reduce capital costs and improve operating efficiency and product quality. LiquiForm™ delivers a reduction in operating costs of up to 25%, reduced manufacturing risk and greater flexibility in container design.
The joint venture will issue licences allowing machine manufacturers to produce and sell equipment using the LiquiForm™ technology. Global demand for new blow molding and filling machines for which LiquiForm™ would be suitable is estimated to be approximately 800 machines per annum. The joint venture will target a significant portion of that annual demand for conversion to the LiquiForm™ technology, and the first full scale operation is expected to be commercialized in two to three years.

Amcor’s Managing Director and CEO, Ken MacKenzie said: “I have been in the packaging industry for over 20 years and in my opinion, LiquiForm™ has the potential to be one of the most important breakthrough technologies in liquid packaging."
“This technology will transform the rigid plastic container manufacturing industry, providing significant benefits to all players throughout the value chain."
“LiquiForm™ is an outstanding example of how Amcor is translating its deep understanding of the needs of customers and consumers into new and improved ways of operating. Innovation is a core value for Amcor, and this break through further establishes the Company as an innovation leader in the packaging industry.”
(Amcor Limited)

Newsgrafik #26436

Amcor's Novel ROPP Finish Design Extends Use of Aluminum Screw Cap PET Bottles to Spirits Market  (Company news)

New 1.75L and 750ml Stock Bottles are Premium Options That Deliver Light Weight and Smooth Conversion from Glass

Amcor Rigid Plastics has expanded the use of its unique roll-on pilfer-proof (ROPP) finish design for aluminum screw-cap PET bottles to meet growing market demand for premium packaging for the wine and spirits segments. Amcor is already strongly positioned in the wine market with aluminum screw-cap containers and has now extended its ROPP offering to the spirits category with new 1.75L and 750ml stock PET bottles that offer light weight and smooth conversion from glass.
Amcor Rigid Plastics, the world’s leading producer of rigid plastic packaging, worked in close cooperation with its sister company, Amcor Flexibles Capsules Group, to ensure that the industry standard aluminum closure used for glass spirits bottles could be transferred to PET bottles, according to Lynne Brophy, spirits and wine business director. “We were able to tap our breadth of technical experience and expertise in PET bottles and closures in the wine market to create a high-value, premium option for spirits makers,” said Brophy. “We expect that this expanded offering will encourage more premium spirits brands to consider PET as a replacement for glass.”
The ROPP finish design, available in 30-mm by 60-mm finish (750ml) and 36-mm by 52-mm finish (1.75L), enables a smooth conversion from glass to PET with minimal changes on the glass filling line. The ability to use the same aluminum closure for glass on PET bottles is a major advantage, offering brand owners a similar filling experience at reduced changeover and cost. In addition, brand owners are able to mimic the premium look of glass and achieve high-quality aesthetics.
The ROPP finish containers are designed to withstand the top load required for aluminum cap applications. The PET bottles meet all required testing to ensure a secure seal with the aluminum closure. Various decorating options including custom printing and embossing are available to upscale the aluminum closure.
Aluminum screw-cap PET bottles for spirits are convenient, lightweight, and shatter resistant. Amcor’s ROPP finish bottle design also permits the elimination of a neck support ring which enhances aesthetics. For the 1.75L stock bottle, a standard plastic pour restrictor – typically used for glass bottles – is incorporated inside the bottle neck to prevent spillage.
For spirits makers, the switch to PET also delivers key sustainability benefits. PET containers are light weight, unbreakable, and easy to transport. Lightweight packaging allows more cases per pallet/truck for fewer shipments, lower transportation costs, and reduced carbon emissions. The two new stock bottles will be incorporated into Amcor’s DeLite™ brand, currently a complete line of PET bottles with aluminum screw-cap closures for the wine industry.
(Amcor Limited)

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