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New CEO and CFO at REHAU  (Company news)

The Supervisory Board of the global REHAU Group announces that William Christensen (photo) was appointed the new CEO of REHAU. Christensen was previously the Chief Marketing Officer and is replacing Rainer Schulz, who has run the company since 2010.

“We are very pleased that William Christensen with his international management experience is taking the helm”, says Jobst Wagner, President of the REHAU Supervisory Board. Christensen has been with REHAU since April 2016. The 45-year-old completed his studies in the USA and, prior to joining REHAU, among others served on the Group Executive Board of Geberit, where he was responsible for International Sales.

The new CFO will be Kurt Plattner, taking over the responsibilities of Dieter Gleisberg. Plattner has been with REHAU for 25 years and was recently Head of Treasury, Controlling & Finance at REHAU’s head office in Muri, Switzerland.
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REHAU wins silver in Best of Corporate Publishing Award 2013  (Company news)

UNLIMITED, the company magazine published in three languages by polymer specialist REHAU once again obtained two silver prizes at the “Best of Corporate Publishing Award 2013 (BCP)” ceremony held at Hamburg’s “Schmidts Tivoli”. The 40 page magazine was judged one of the best publications in Europe last year too.

The prestigious panel of experts was faced with choosing worthy prizewinners from 670 publications from 14 different countries. The coveted cubic-shaped BCP Awards were presented in 28 categories and as 4 special prizes. The REHAU magazine scored in the “Customer Communication B2B – Industry/Technology” and “Staff Media – Print” categories, obtaining the two silver prizes. The panel’s verdicts were based on quality of journalism, looks, creativity and information value. The panel, made up of 145 experts from the fields of journalism, artistic direction, marketing, corporate and internal communication, print and direct marketing, deliberated for several days to establish the winners from amongst the many entrants.

Klaus Gollwitzer, head of the Corporate Communication main department at REHAU, extremely proud to have won silver, this time in the BPC Award 2013, says: “We are competing, here, with the best the sector has to offer. The quality of all the entries is first-rate, the yardstick very high.” In Mr Gollwitzer’s opinion, the award adds up to both acknowledgement and praise for the work involved in getting a sophisticated magazine up-and-running and always attracting new readers with the right content.

The BPC is Europe’s largest corporate communication competition. Forum Corporate Publishing (FCP) together with the leading industry-related magazines acquisa, Horizont, w&v and the Swiss Werbewoche, has been honoring the best corporate publications of the German-speaking world with this award since 2003.
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