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South Korea: Hite Jinro's new Terra beer sales surpass 100 mln bottles in just 100 days after launch  (

Hite Jinro said on July 2 that Terra's sales, which marks its 100th day since its launch, have surpassed 100 million bottles, the Korea IT Times reported.

Terra sales reached 3.34 million boxes (330 ml) and 101.39 million bottles as of June 29 . This is 11.6 bottles sold per second, and 2.4 bottles per Korean adult (20 years of age or older, based on 42.04 million people) were consumed.

Hite Jinro sold more than 1 million boxes of Terra in 39 days, recording the fastest sales among beer brands in the early stages of its launch. It has since accelerated, selling 2 million boxes in 72 days and 3 million boxes in 97 days, which is about 1.4 times faster than the sales speed of 1 million boxes.

What's notable is that the launch of Terra has not resulted in the erosion of existing beer brands. Along with Terra, the existing brands such as Hite and Max synergized, up about 5 percent year-on-year in June this year, the company said.

Hite Jinro expects the figure, which had been on a steady decline since 2015, to shift upward this year, with the green light for its turnarounds in the beer sector.

Hite Jinro is planning to launch Terra draft beer to continue Terra's early popularity and target the summer market.

"This year will lead to another success story in the domestic liquor market by combining the changing landscape of the beer market, which starts with FiLite and leads to Terra, and the soju market, which has become more solid," said Kim In-kyu, CEO of Hite Jinro.

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Colouring Foods taking the place of E numbers  (Company news)

With EXBERRY® colouring foods, GNT showed natural and healthy alternatives to additive food colours

During the HiE exhibition from 16.-18. November in Madrid, the GNT Group showcased the diverse spectrum of colourful natural concentrates made from edible fruits, vegetables and plants. Visitors were able to experience firsthand the brilliance of colouring foods – and discover the full range of application possibilities.
With its EXBERRY® range, GNT has developed colouring foods made from edible ripe fruits, vegetables and other plants. These concentrates are derived through physical processes without the use of organic solvents and achieve excellent results.
Colouring foods are becoming increasingly important since throughout the EU, all products now have to be marked with a warning notice if they contain one or more of the questionable “Southampton Six” food colours. Every product which contains one or more of the food colours Tartrazine (E102), Quinoline Yellow (E104), Sunset Yellow (E110), Carmoisine (E122), Ponceau 4R (E124) or Allura Red (E129) has to carry the warning notice: “May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children” on its packaging.
Since this labelling is mandatory, manufacturers are demanding natural alternatives which do not require either an E number or a warning notice. Consumer associations assume that additive food colours will be used much less frequently in future, and are pushing for more natural ways to add colour in foods.
The colouring foods in the EXBERRY® range can be used without limitations. They do not require additive labelling, E numbers or warning notices, and thus are suitable for Clean Label products. Application possibilities for EXBERRY® colouring foods include beverages, confectionery, dairy and bakery products and, among others, soups and sauces.
Importantly: GNT manages the whole supply chain - from the selection of seeds, through the contract farming to the final processing. This results in the highest levels of quality and safety for manufacturers of end products, as well as for consumers.
With a comprehensive service package for clients, GNT offers support in the development of suitable colour concepts for each specific product. In all matters, including regulatory advice, GNT’s experts are on hand.
The changeover from additive food colours with their respective E numbers to colouring foods is usually uncomplicated. However, should any help be necessary, GNT will be delighted to assist in the process. (GNT Europa GmbH)

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