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Fizzy coffee in a can  (Company news)

With the help of Ardagh Group’s sustainable beverage cans, Cafeahaus AG has launched Goldbrew, the ready-to-drink (RTD), cold brew coffee range in cans in the German market. Their flavoured carbonated versions ‘Goldbrew ginger & lemon’ and ‘Goldbrew grapefruit & lemon’ are filled in Ardagh’s 250ml slim cans and are a first in the German market.

Goldbrew cold brew coffee is made from 100 percent sustainable Arabica coffee beans to serve a naturally refreshing and energising drink. Next to its sparkling flavoured coffees, Cafeahaus complements its Goldbrew range with a nitro original cold brew coffee, which comes in Ardagh’s unique Nitro Can. Nitro coffee, which now enjoys widespread popularity, is a cold brewed beverage that's steeped for longer than its hot water counterpart to give it a richer taste; the nitrogen, meanwhile – which is introduced to the coffee through a beer tap – creates tiny bubbles whose relative insolubility in water means that they persist from the first sip to the last, giving the drink its full-bodied texture and lasting head.

Now Ardagh, a world leader in innovative packaging products, has succeeded in recreating the chemistry and theatre of this barista-made beverage in its Nitro Can. Ardagh’s Nitro Can provides the perfect packaging solution for Cafeahaus’ original cold brewed coffee: “The can’s nitrogen-charged widget brings the Goldbrew to life, first by carrying the coffee’s aroma, then by infusing its black body with that characteristic cascade of bubbles, and finally by topping it off with a tan-coloured head,” says Adriana Escobar, Product Manager at Ardagh Group’s European Metal Beverage division.

While the Nitro Can offers the consumer a sensational drinking experience, for Cafeahaus AG - a wholly owned subsidiary of DEK Berlin, and producer of liquid coffee extracts and cold brew coffee concentrate for industrial customers – it delivers packaging that is both safe and responsible: “We’ve been very pleased to work with Ardagh in the introduction of RTD cold brew coffee in cans,” says Marco Beran, Sales Director at DEK Berlin. “In use, Ardagh’s aluminium beverage cans provide a shelf-stable environment for the coffee, even without refrigeration, while preserving the cold brew coffee's full-bodied taste. And the Nitro Can adds an exciting experience on top!”
(Ardagh Group Oss)

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Expansion of Netherlands Beverage Can Plant   (Company news)

New can production line in Oss to be operational by May 2015

Ball announced the expansion of its beverage can manufacturing plant in Oss, Netherlands. The company will build an additional production line for 50-centiliter aluminium cans at the existing plant location.
“In the Benelux countries, more and more breweries are choosing cans for their beer packaging,” said Colin Gillis, president, Ball Packaging Europe. “The Oss plant is the only beverage can manufacturing facility in the Netherlands, and this expansion will strengthen its position as a logistical hub for our business in the Benelux area and throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.”
Ball, already a major employer in Oss, will bring additional jobs to the region as a result of the expansion. The company also will continue to invest in training and education for its employees and in support of community projects.

Historical milestones of Oss can production site:
-1953: Foundation of steel can factory by Thomassen & Drijver
-1971: Implementation of first two-piece beverage can line in Europe
-1997: Installation of first aluminium line
-2005: Switch to aluminium only production
-2008: Production of the 25th billion can
-2012: First run of 20-centiliter and 33-centiliter aluminium sleek cans
-2013: 60th anniversary of only Dutch beverage can plant
-2014: Start of expansion project to build third production line and new warehouse
(Ball Packaging Europe Oss B.V.)

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