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Novità - Ziemann Holvrieka GmbH

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ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA expands its presence in Israel  (Company news)

Agreement on strategic alliance with process technology and packaging specialist DrinkTech

Picture: Florian Schneider, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH (on the left) and Alon Tikotzky, DrinkTech Ltd., who will be responsible for the brewing, beverage and liquid food industry in Israel for ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA

For ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH, Israel has developed into an important growth market. In order to expand their presence and thus to further optimize the sales structure, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA has agreed upon a strategic alliance with Alon Tikotzky and his company DrinkTech Ltd. DrinkTech is a process technology and packaging specialist in the beverage, food, brewing, dairy and pharmaceutical industry, which is very successful in Israel.

„Alon is an experienced and well connected expert & networker, who now helps us to intensify the contact with our existing customers. But new segments, such as the growing craft beer scene, will also benefit from our collaboration. Of course, Alon will also access the portfolio of our sister company DME Process Systems, which covers the area of smaller brewhouses and cold blocks with extraordinarily attractive solutions,” explained Florian Schneider, Sales Director EMEA and APAC of ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH.
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Revolutionary brewhouse design is implemented for the first time in the Schlossbrauerei Reckendorf  (Company news)

The combination of creativity, variety and 400 years of brewing tradition is one of the central success factors of the brewery. Eichhorn points out: “Our aim is to brew beer varieties, which may have some rough edges in a positive sense and precisely for this reason impress and convince our customers. We gladly leave the production of replaceable mainstream beers to the industrial breweries.” With great success: the brewery not only wins loyal customers, but also renowned awards with its beers. The silver medal in the European Beer Star and the gold medal in the International Craft Beer Award for the wheat bock beer are just two examples. Currently, the consumers can choose from a complete range of eleven beer specialties, one mixed beer drink and fourteen non-alcoholic drinks from the brewery’s own production.

Photo: The world’s first OMNIUM brewhouse is installed in the Schlossbrauerei Reckendorf.

Best results in terms of yields and valuable ingredients
Eichhorn sees other important advantages with OMNIUM: “Among other things, we can intervene in the individual process steps in such a way that we achieve the best result for ourselves and our customers, both in terms of yields and in terms of valuable ingredients.” The OMNIUM brewhouse provides Eichhorn with the opportunity to compensate the increasing fluctuations in malt quality, mostly influenced by the climate.

The core component and centerpiece of the new brewhouse is the mash filtration process NESSIE by ZIEMANN, which was already presented at the BrauBeviale in 2016. The mash is separated into wort and spent grains in a continuous process and the extract is obtained by a target-oriented guiding of the generated flows. This results in a short process time and high yield efficiency. Another new development is the post-saccharification of wort ALADIN by ZIEMANN. The saccharification usually takes place exclusively during mashing. ALADIN takes into account the influence of the thermal boiling processes on the saccharification of the malt starch. As a result, the quality of the wort at the end of its production with malt enzymes is ensured. Another new development is the fractional wort boiling JANUS by ZIEMANN. A second boiling vessel takes up about 1/3 of the brew for separate hop isomerization. Only the partial flows of the NESSIE modules are used, which already have a reduced extract content and a slightly elevated pH value. In addition, this fraction includes many minerals, such as magnesium, and it forms less trub during the wort boiling. These are important factors, which demonstrably increase the hop yield. In the subsequent process steps, the formed wort fractions are again brought together and guided to the fermentation cellar with all maintained valuable ingredients.

Less space requirements and reduced costs for foundations
In addition to the technological advantages, there are also various advantages regarding the building design. The OMNIUM brewhouse has reduced space requirements and requires lower costs for the foundations due to the NESSIE design. This is another central argument for the brewery, since only in this way the new brewhouse can be implemented in a very compact new building, which was desired due to the limited space conditions.

In the OMNIUM brewhouse in Reckendorf, three brews per day, with 70 hl each, will be produced. In order to obtain the highest possible variability in terms of the brew sizes to be produced, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA equips the wort kettle with an external boiler. The first brew is scheduled for the beginning of April 2018. The official inauguration will follow in July 2018.
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With Yards Brewing Company, Ziemann Holvrieka is able to win a great craft brewer as a new customer   (Company news)

Tom Kehoe, founder and brewmaster of Yards Brewing Company, has decided to execute his new brewery project together with ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA GmbH. With the largest craft brewery in Philadelphia, the brewing technology specialist from Ludwigsburg, Germany, was able to win an important new customer.

Two LOTUS lauter tuns for ultimate flexibility
The order placed with ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA includes one complete brewing line including the raw material handling. The brewhouse is designed for twelve brews per day. The planned cast out wort volume with an original wort content of 15.5° Plato amounts to 120 hectoliters per brew. The brewhouse will be equipped with the innovative mash agitator COLIBRI as well as with two LOTUS lauter tuns with diameters of 2.3 and 4.8 meters. This dual solution allows Yards Brewing Company to effectively process even brews with a volume of less than 25 hectoliters or lauter a very strong brew simultaneously with two lauter tuns. For this purpose, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA will also install an external wort boiler, which is ideally suited for small batches. Another special feature of the brewhouse is a fully automatic dosing system for cone hops. In addition, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA will supply six cylindro-conical 1,000-hl tanks including dome covers and a catwalk system. A special feature of the tanks is that they will be installed at such a height that below the tanks there is space for a beer garden. ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA will also be responsible for the planning and supervision of the installation.

Tom Kehoe explains the decision in favor of ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA: “For the solution chosen by us, it was very important to visit reference breweries and during a test brew in their pilot brewery in Ludwigsburg, we could assess for ourselves the performance of their equipment and technology”. The shipment of the components is scheduled for the beginning of July and the installation for August / September 2017. The first brew in the new brewhouse of the Yards Brewing Company shall be produced at the end of September 2017.
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