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Novità - Endress+Hauser Messtechnik GmbH+Co. KG

Newsgrafik #34073

First self-calibrating thermometer - iTHERM TrustSens  (Company news)

-100% Compliance – 0% Effort
-Outstanding sensor technology with self-calibrating function
-Maximized product safety and process efficiency by automated inline self-calibrations

The iTHERM TrustSens hygienic thermometer is for users in the Life Sciences and Food and Beverage industries who want seamless compliance to FDA regulations and/or GMP rules. iTHERM TrustSens eliminates the risk of undetected non–conformities.

-Risk and cost reduction thanks to self-calibration and "Heartbeat Technology"
-No production downtime due to an automated and fully traceable inline self-calibration
-Automatized documentation, memory for 350 calibration points
-Printable calibration certificate - audit proof
-Highest accuracy of measuring point through sensor-transmitter-matching
-International certifications and approvals: – EHEDG, ASME BPE, FDA, 3-A, 1935/2004, 2023/2006, 10/2011, CE CRN, CSA General Purpose
-Measuring range: –40 to +160 °C (–40 to +320 °F)
-More than 50 sterile and hygienic process connections available e.g. Thread, Clamp, APV-Inline, Varivent, DIN11851

Field of application
-Life Sciences
-Food industry
-Beverage industry

The iTHERM TrustSens stands out from other thermometers by fully automated inline self-calibration. This results in high product safety and increased plant availability. Continuous inline process verification is already recommended in the "Good Manufacturing Practice Rules" (GMP - Annex 15).
(Endress+Hauser Messtechnik GmbH+Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #33205

Endress+Hauser at SPS IPC Drives 2017  (Company news)

Innovative products and services for the process automation industry

Endress+Hauser will introduce a new range of instruments for flow measurement as well as a new instrument portfolio for radar level measurement at SPS IPC Drives (28-30 November 2017) in Nuremberg, Germany. The company will present innovative services and solutions on the topics of digitalization and process automation, as well as the first self-calibrating thermometer, iTHERM TrustSens, developed for the food & beverage and life sciences industries.

Measurement technology: simply clever and fit for the future
The new Proline 300/500 range of instruments represents industry-optimized flow measurement technology with an expanded field of application and improved performance. The measuring point is set for the future with Wi-Fi and new device and process diagnosis parameters that ensure higher process and product safety. HistoROM data management and Heartbeat Technology also provide a valuable contribution.

The Micropilot FMR60, FMR62 and FMR67 complete the portfolio of radar measurement devices. Endress+Hauser now has a combined radar competence of 113 GHz, and a device with the right radar frequency for every application, be it 1, 6, 26 or 80 GHz. The new Micropilots are the first 80 GHz radar devices developed in accordance with IEC 61508, therefore complying with the highest safety requirements.

100% compliance, 0% effort
Endress+Hauser is introducing its new thermometer with unique self-calibrating sensor technology at SPS IPC Drives. The hygienic iTHERM TrustSens thermometer is designed for users in the food & beverage and life sciences industries who require full compliance with FDA and/or GMP regulations. The thermometer, which will be available shortly, provides high process security and system availability through permanent inline self-calibration, eliminating the risk of inaccuracy during production.

Discovering what’s behind digitalization and IIoT
IIoT is more than just hype. Digitalization and the high-grade connection of production units increase system availability and the efficiency of production, guaranteeing the ability to compete in the future. Through comprehensive manufacturing and business processes in combination with intelligent and self-monitoring measurement devices, Endress+Hauser is realizing automation solutions together with its customers that revolutionize and simplify production processes.

Discover the new products live in Hall 4A, Booth 135 – the People for Process Automation look forward to interesting conversations.
(Endress+Hauser Messtechnik GmbH+Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #32159

Proline 300/500 – Flow measuring technology for the future  (Company news)

For lasting higher levels of safety, product quality, and availability in your process system

For 40 years, Endress+Hauser has been offering one of the most comprehensive product ranges worldwide for flow measurement of liquids, gases and steam. The Proline device family has contributed significantly to this success and is now once again wowing users with unique innovations to ensure highest process and product quality. The Proline 300/500 generation combines Proline sensors, which have proved themselves hundreds of thousands of times, with state-of-the-art transmitter technology.

Proline 300/500 allows universal flow metering in all applications in the process industry – from quantity measurement and process monitoring right up to custody transfer applications. Proline also provides a view into the process, ensuring that plant operators receive a wealth of important diagnostic and process data. Users benefit from this in many different ways: through optimal process monitoring, fewer periods of downtime, and therefore a more efficient process control.

Multivariable and high-quality sensors
Proline 300/500 transmitters can be freely combined with any of the Promass and Promag sensors. Several process variables can therefore be measured simultaneously using only one device – for example mass flow, volume flow, density, concentration, viscosity and temperature (Coriolis); or volume flow, temperature and conductivity (electromagnetic). Each device is checked using accredited and traceable calibration facilities (ISO/IEC 17025). This is unparalleled around the globe.

Added value thanks to information from the field
Proline 300/500 supplies the customer with a maximum amount of process information. It is not only possible to retrieve device, diagnostics, service or process data via the control room, but now also on site thanks to an integrated web server that allows for direct connection to a laptop. Comprehensive remote data retrieval is also possible via the installed wireless WLAN – a global innovation that will simplify future service and maintenance.

Heartbeat Technology – always on the pulse of the process
A further highlight is Heartbeat Technology. Integrated into all Proline devices, this checking function enables permanent self-diagnosis, along with a certified and metrologically traceable verification during operation. The operator does not need to be present in the field: Verification can be started at any time via all available interfaces. This makes it possible, for example, to extend application-specific calibration intervals, thus saving time and money.

Prepared for Industry 4.0
Proline 300/500 has a unique range of signal outputs and protocols: HART, PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION fieldbus, Modbus RS485, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET. This ensures that all Endress+Hauser flowmeters can be seamlessly integrated into existing automation systems. Thanks to the transparent flow of diagnostics and measurement data – from the sensor to the process control system – unimagined possibilities are now becoming reality, ensuring safe and comprehensive process control.
(Endress+Hauser Messtechnik GmbH+Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #25536

Endress+Hauser exceeds expectations: 2011 is a record year  (Company news)

Photo: Klaus Endress, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Endress+Hauser Group

Endress+Hauser achieves a record high in sales, headcount and profit in 2011, and expects stable growth this year.
Net sales rose by 16% to €1.5 billion. At the end of 2011, the company counted 9,414 employees, 820 more than a year ago. 474 of these jobs were created in Europe. Operating profit increased by 32% to €247 million, net income reached €177 million (an increase of 40%).
Presenting the financial results in Basel, CEO Klaus Endress made no secret of his surprise regarding these positive developments. The sovereign debt crisis and resulting currency upheavals, as well as the natural disasters in Asia that led to bottlenecks in the supply of electronic components had, he said, stretched the company's employees to their limit.

Solid finances allowing expansion
Endress+Hauser stands on solid financial ground. The equity ratio has reached almost 70% and the company holds liquid assets of €443 million compared with just €40 million in bank liabilities.
After two years of reticence, the Group increased investments by 49% to €85 million. Good capital resources allowed two acquisitions, with Endress+Hauser buying interests in Finesse Solutions ­– a US company operating in bioprocess engineering – and in the German engineering bureau Systemplan offering consulting services in energy efficiency.

Confidence in spite of uncertainties
Endress+Hauser has set a growth target of 11% for 2012. Sales are moderately below budget at present, said Klaus Endress. "But our figures are robust. There is neither recession nor crisis right now." Nevertheless the CEO warned of uncertainties owing to the continuing sovereign debt crisis and tensions in the euro zone.
Endress+Hauser aims to invest €140 million this year, mainly in production. A new production facility for flow, level and pressure engineering is under construction in Brazil. Around 700 new jobs are expected to be created worldwide: by the end of the year, Endress+Hauser will most likely top the 10,000 mark in terms of headcount.
(Endress+Hauser Messtechnik GmbH & Co KG)

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