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UPM Raflatac's new paper label materials made with recycled content help brands go circular  (Company news)

UPM Raflatac is introducing two new sustainable paper label materials with recycled content to the market. UPM Raflatac Recycled Coat PCR-FSC paper face and UPM Raflatac Honey Glassine PCR-FSC paper liner contribute to a circular economy and reduce the pressure on forests and the consumption of natural resources. These new label materials answer brand owners’ needs to increase the amount of recycled content in their packaging materials.

UPM Raflatac aims to use wood raw materials as efficiently as possible. This means keeping raw materials in use as long as possible through promoting recycling and using recycled fibres. These innovative paper label materials made with recycled content are FSC® certified (licence code FSC-C012530). FSC certification provides a credible assurance that FSC certified label materials originate from recycled materials, sustainably managed forests, other controlled sources or a mixture of those. Choosing label materials with recycled content is a concrete action to help take care of the world’s forests by releasing the pressure on the forests and to promote a circular economy.

Honey Glassine PCR-FSC paper liner is made with recycled content collected from UPM Raflatac’s RafCycle partners. As part of its RafCycle® by UPM Raflatac recycling program, the company collects the paper liner waste and gives it a new life as paper liner. This is a true closed loop inspired by the limitless opportunities of circular economy.

“The world is facing serious challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity. We want to be part of the solution by offering label materials that enhance the sustainability of packaging, yet maintain the functionality, quality and commercial feasibility. Our paper label materials with recycled content contribute to these needs perfectly,” says Ville Pollari, Director, Business Segment VIP & Prime, UPM Raflatac.
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UPM Raflatac showcases sustainable labeling solutions that help reduce, recycle and renew at ...  (Company news)

...Labelexpo Europe 2019

UPM Raflatac will be showcasing its sustainable labeling solutions at Labelexpo Europe 2019 in Brussels from September 24-27. UPM Raflatac’s innovative solutions can help printers and brand owners reach beyond their sustainability goals by offering solutions to reduce, recycle and renew.

The company’s thinner and lighter film materials reduce the use of raw materials. The UPM Raflatac PP Lite range combines a lighter face material, a lower coat-weight adhesive and a lighter backing which makes them incredibly lightweight and optimizes the use of raw materials and resources. Ultrathin UPM Raflatac Vanish™ PCR labels are another good example, featuring 90 percent recycled content face and liners.

The company optimizes the recycling process of plastic packages by ensuring that labels can be easily removed. UPM Raflatac wash-off adhesive is an excellent way to enable the recyclability of PET containers. Turning waste into a resource is a key concept in the circular economy and an important part of UPM Raflatac’s approach to sustainability. The RafCycle® by UPM Raflatac recycling programme supports this by offering a new life for label waste.

In addition, UPM Raflatac helps to reduce the use of fossil raw materials by offering renewable options, such as certified materials and other bio-based alternatives. UPM Raflatac’s revolutionary new Forest Film™ is the industry’s first wood-based polypropylene film material. Another innovative labeling material that will be showcased at the exhibition is UPM Raflatac Fossil-Free Adhesive – a renewable multipurpose solution, which together with other responsibly sourced label materials like the forest positive UPM Raflatac RAFNXT+, forms a comprehensive solution making each layer of labeling even more sustainable.

Visit stand 5D41 in Hall 5 to find out more about UPM Raflatac’s sustainable labeling solutions.
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UPM Raflatac announces portfolio of FSC(TM) certified paper face stocks for Americas market  (Company news)

UPM Raflatac, the world's most sustainable labeling company, is pleased to announce a new range of FSC(TM) certified paper face stocks for the Americas market. This announcement takes UPM Raflatac one step closer to achieving its target of sourcing wood fiber from 100 percent certified sources by the year 2030.

The new FSC certified products include paper wine label materials, semi-gloss, thermal transfer, direct thermal, and more. With more and more brands unveiling ambitious sustainability targets for their packaging materials, UPM Raflatac's portfolio of FSC certified products can support them in achieving targets for sourcing paper products from certified sustainably managed forests.

FSC certification by the Forest Stewardship Council(TM) is an internationally recognized mark of well-managed and sustainable forest operations. UPM Raflatac has supplied FSC certified products since 2008 and actively co-operates with the organization around the world. The aim is to increase the use of certified wood in the label production processes and to promote awareness of the forest certification and related responsibility issues.

"Only about 10 percent of the world's forests are certified today and much work remains to be done to promote responsible sourcing," says Tyler Matuseveich, Sustainability Manager, Americas, UPM Raflatac. "UPM Raflatac is continuously striving to have the most sustainable label materials portfolio in the industry. In offering a new range of high quality face stocks on FSC certified papers for the Americas market, we can assure our customers we always know the origin of fiber and can trace it back to the forest it came from. We invite you to partner with us to achieve your sustainability targets for sustainably sourced packaging materials."

Expanding the portfolio of FSC certified materials in the Americas is a significant milestone towards UPM Raflatac's aim to supply products that are sustainable over their lifecycles, and to increase the range of eco-labeled products.
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UPM Raflatac offers extreme-strength for durable labeling  (Company news)

UPM Raflatac is introducing a new solvent-free RX adhesive family for durable labeling applications. The RX family is made up of two high-tack products: RX15 for polar surfaces such as metal and glass, and RX18 for non-polar surfaces such as PP and PE plastics. As these adhesives have been specially developed for these specific substrates, they ensure the highest bonding and durability performance - even in the challenging conditions experienced in automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics applications.

Both materials in the RX family work hard to ensure that vital information stays in place for the entire lifetime of the label. These extreme-strength adhesives withstand extreme conditions and are resilient to chemicals, and UV light. Furthermore, this high performance is achieved without solvents, making RX adhesives a safer, more sustainable choice for durable labeling applications.

"The adhesives in our new RX product family provide extremely strong and enduring adhesion without resorting to solvents, which not only reduces the environmental impact of producing the labels, but also makes them a more ecodesigned choice for product labeling," explains Jouni Iiskola, Segment Manager, UPM Raflatac. "With RX15 for polar surfaces like metal and glass and RX18 for non-polar surfaces like PP and PE plastics, a targeted adhesive can be chosen according to the substrate, leading to excellent product performance, extreme bonding, and life-long durability."
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UPM Raflatac expands Lite range of ecodesigned labeling solutions with new PP Silver Lite film  (Company news)

UPM Raflatac has expanded its PP Lite range of labeling solutions for the European market with the introduction of a new clear film, PP Silver Lite. The face materials, adhesives, and backing used in the PP Lite range offer brands new ways to achieve their sustainability objectives.

PP Lite label materials offer brand owners the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition by becoming a leader in sustainable product labeling while boosting productivity across the value chain at the same time. By combining a lighter face material, a lower coat-weight adhesive, and a lighter backing, products in the PP Lite range optimize raw material use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water consumption, and waste.

In line with the PP Lite concept, PP Silver Lite is a multi-purpose label material suitable for labeling rigid containers with smooth surfaces in beverage and home and personal care applications.

"Our Label Life demonstrates that by replacing conventional PP label materials with our PP Lite solutions, brand owners can optimize raw material use and make sustainability gains through a lower environmental footprint," explains Jan Hasselblatt, Director, Global Business Development, UPM Raflatac. "With the addition of PP Silver Lite, the range allows brands to take their packaging designs one step further while improving productivity and demonstrating their commitment to sustainable packaging."
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Salla Estate: Heraldic label with a modern twist  (Company news)

​Salla Estate is a Bulgarian winery located close to the medieval Muhaliysko Kale fortress which is full of artifacts dating all the way back to the Stone and Middle Ages. Labelmaker Jordan Jelev, designer of the Salla Estate wine label, was inspired by the history and tradition of the area and wanted to create a heraldic label with a modern twist.

“Salla Estate is a winery where tradition meets modernity in every aspect. I decided to create a modern heraldic label that would represent the past, present and future,” Jelev says.

For the label, Jelev chose UPM Raflatac’s Velmart White WSA-FSC material because he wanted a thick classic paper with elegant random texture to strengthen the traditional feel he was aiming for. He also used saturated gold hot-foil to stamp the Salla Estate logo.

“Influenced and inspired by heraldic tradition and modern design, I created a pattern with diagonal lines printed directly and raised varnish against the paper background. I did some research for the lines’ thickness and spacing and the result was amazing. These lines made the whole label shine and they were the perfect addition to the paper background creating the best environment for the logo. The label is very elegant and contains only the most important information,” Jelev says.
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Craft beverage labels: tell your story and stand out from the crowd  (Company news)

UPM Raflatac has launched a range of label materials for the fast-growing and highly competitive craft beverage market. The European range includes textured, colored, and metalized papers, as well as ultra-clear and white film materials, all designed to increase the shelf appeal of craft beverages and offer even greater branding flexibility. When decorated with embossing for papers or foiling for films, these new products offer a host of new design possibilities. UPM Raflatac also offers specially formulated adhesives that resist whitening during the pasteurization process.

This new portfolio of high quality self-adhesive labels is ideal for all types of craft beverages –beers, ciders, high-end soft drinks, and spirits. The range of material and texture options will help producers to create a label that attracts and intrigues.

Self-adhesive labeling from UPM Raflatac offers a number of advantages over wet-glue labeling, including faster changeovers, less waste, and a cleaner packaging process. Self-adhesive labels are also flexible, allowing varying label sizes, shapes, and designs, especially on short labeling runs.

“We want to help brands tell their story and reflect their craft roots with high performance labels that give a natural, authentic, and distinctive look. Our label materials give producers a graphic canvas that shows their company’s commitment to artisanship,” says Jay Betton, Business Segment Manager, Wine, Spirits, and Craft Beverages, EMEIA.
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UPM Raflatac launches RafShrink PETG TDO 45 HS shrink sleeve labeling film  (Company news)

UPM Raflatac is expanding its range of high-performance shrink sleeve labeling films with the introduction of RafShrink PETG TDO 45 HS. RafShrink films can wrap any shape of container, increasing the design possibilities for labeling without compromising productivity. RafShrink PETG TDO 45 HS has a maximum shrinkage of 79% and offers enhanced opportunities for heat shrink sleeve printers in the bestselling shrink sleeve product category. It is available from UPM Raflatac’s MEGA 4000 service, for quick delivery of all order quantities starting from 4000 m2 and is ideal for labeling products in the home and personal care, food and beverage categories.

“The RafShrink product portfolio combines the design benefits of traditional shrink sleeve films with the high level of recyclability and sustainability now demanded by both brands and consumers.” says Erkki Nyberg, Director, Shrink Sleeve Films. “We can support you through label printing and application trials, offer recommendations for inks, and provide you with sustainability and environmental services. Our delivery service is quick, with low minimum order quantities, making small print runs possible and affordable. We also have an extensive slitting and distribution network, guaranteeing short lead times for all orders,” Nyberg continues.
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Newsgrafik #32416

Discover the benefits of a no-label look for your beverage bottles  (Company news)

Transparent labels give packaging a premium look, as if the letters and images are printed directly on the bottle. UPM Raflatac is now launching a new, thinner film product for clear labeling in beverage applications, especially beer bottle labeling. RafBev Clear TC 40 offers a clear, no-label look for companies aiming to replace wet glue with a PSA solution.

For the ultimate clear-on-clear look choose the RP76E adhesive and a PET23 HS liner. Because water resistance is paramount in these applications, the good water whitening performance of RP76E makes it the perfect choice. Additionally, the adhesive paired with the PET23 HS liner is ideal for the newest and fastest dispensing and beverage bottling lines due to its clean and stable performance.

RafBev Clear TC 40 is also built thinner, meaning that less raw material is needed in the production, transportation costs are reduced from a lighter load, and less waste is produced. Additionally, in printing and dispensing there are fewer reel changes, which further reduces waste and increases productivity.

A clearer choice at every step
“Beverage bottles undergo many humidity and temperature challenges throughout their lifetime,” says Päivi Knihti, Segment Manager, Films, EMEIA. “RafBev Clear TC 40 is designed to maintain its appearance and performance throughout, giving a premium no-label look with more flexibility than printing directly on the bottle. The no-label look is a clear winner with consumers – and brands are finding it provides excellent shelf appeal.”
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The impossible made possible: UPM Raflatac's VANISH fit for labelling recyclable...  (Company news)

... aluminium beverage cans in Europe

Beverage cans labelled with UPM Raflatac's VANISHTM film can now be recycled in Europe. Novelis, the world's largest recycler of aluminium cans, confirms that the thin 23-micron VANISHTM label has proven sufficiently light in order not to affect the quality of the recycled aluminium.

UPM Raflatac's ultra-thin VANISHTM PET film enables three functionalities previously considered unviable or impossible: self-adhesive labelling on beverage cans, recyclability with aluminium cans, and the opportunity for beverage brands to market small batches cost-effectively.

Cost-efficiency and flexibility for small batches
The Saimaan Juomatehdas brewery in Finland is the first company in Europe to adopt VANISHTM by launching a craft beer in labelled aluminium cans, which are integrated into a refundable deposit system for recycling. The recycling system for beverage containers in Finland is renowned as the world's most effective. Returnable, refundable deposit cans are the most recycled container category, with a recycling rate as high as 95%.

In particular, and because direct-printed cans aren't manufactured in small volumes, self-adhesive labelling is a necessity for canning smaller batches cost-effectively. Self-adhesive labels can also be produced quickly in comparison to directly decorated cans, enabling beverage producers to respond flexibly to consumer demand and engage in promotional activity without risking container overstocks.

"Saimaan Juomatehdas is committed to sustainability, so we wanted to come up with a canning solution for our smaller beverage batches that would match our principles. We explored different options and discovered the VANISHTM label material. Together with UPM Raflatac and Auraprint, a printing house specializing in labeling solutions, we started looking into the possibility of applying it to recyclable cans - and everything started to fall into place," comments Jussi Laukkanen, CEO, Saimaan Juomatehdas.

Striking levels of differentiation
VANISHTM brings all the visual presentation benefits of self-adhesive label printing technology to canned beverages, especially compared to traditional direct print. Together with an impressive no-label look, new levels of product differentiation are achievable with striking decoration opportunities and premium finishes such as high-gloss and vivid colouration, fine detail and photographic imaging.

"Our end-customers in the beverage industry place high value on their product packaging. VANISHTM is an attractive and exceptionally versatile label material - and an ideal choice for companies like Saimaan Juomatehdas which strive to create high-quality products that are visually impressive," evaluates Tuomo Wall, Director, Films, UPM Raflatac.

"VANISHTM also introduces a solution for product decoration on smaller batches of beer and other beverages in a way that's economically viable and at the same time environmentally conscious. Brand owners in Europe now have a recycling-compatible choice for greatly enhanced product presentation that meets their own as well as UPM Raflatac's commitment to providing sustainable solutions.
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