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More than 20.000 company profiles with more than 12,000 E-Mail and internet addresses from 200 countries are available as book edition and as internet database.

The book edition:

The Birkner's Beverage World book edition is subdivided into 8 Parts:
Part 1 - Breweries
Part 2 - Mineral water, juices and soft drinks
Part 3 - Distilleries
Part 4 - Suppliers of Hop, Malt and Raw Material
Part 5 - Suppliers
Part 6 - Buyers' Guide of the suppliers
Part 7 - Associations, Institutions, trade journals
Part 8 - General index

The company reports for the European countries are published in the languages most frequently used in the individual countries - German, English, French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese; in some parts with additional details in English language. The editorial data of non-European countries will be published exclusively in English language.

General Index: All companies included in the editorial parts are listed alphabetically, whereby additionally to the company name details about the city and country, where the company is located, are stated. Beneath this you will be referred in the second column to the part and in the third column to the page where the company entry can be found.

Editorial Parts: The company reports are classified by country in the free editorial parts, whereby the countries are classified by country names in English language. Within the countries the company names are classified alphabetically.

Buyers' Guide: The individual products are allocated to specific category numbers in the parts 6. In a summary at the beginning of the sections you will find a list of the individual product groups and an alphabetical summary of the possible categories. If you turn to the category number of the product you are looking for, you will then find details of the companies, which supply the product, classified by country. In view of the fact that this is an insertion part subject to charge, it may well be with certain companies that you will only find an entry with the name of the company. If this is the case, the company has not placed a settled order and we have to ask you to take a look at the General Index to find the page with detailed information in the editorial parts.


Internet database:

The internet database contains all company entries of the book, but is updated weekly.

General information regarding search masks:
You may enter search words in all fields of the different search masks in arbitrary order (word rotation). It makes no difference if you enter "Germany Hamburg" or "Hamburg Germany" in the field "country/location".
In all search fields a Trunking (Wild card search) of search words is possible: e.g. "Germany H*".
If there is available a value list in a search field, you may enter letters for the value list: e.g. Germa and then you may click on the value list button.

Regarding research in the internet database there are four different types of researches available to you:

- Fast navigation:
The fast navigation is available to you right on the start page. Via the product names in the "Buyers' Guide" you may see the company entries right away by clicking on the number of companies.
If you do want to specify the product, please click on the number of products. Then you will see a further subdivison of the product group. Here you may also view the company entries by clicking on the number of the companies.

- Fast search:
The fast search is available to you everywhere on the homepage By entering data in the fields "What?" and "Where?" you may quickly see the company entries requested.

- Free search:
Here the fields "country/location", "products", "search word/name" and "company type" are available for your research. For the fields "country/location", "products" and "company type" we do offer value lists.

- Professional search:
The professional search is a sector of the 'Birkner's Beverage World' internet data base that is not free of charge. Only registered professional users may do their research here.
Apart from the search fields of the free search, the following research fields are available to you: "management", "machines", "E-Mail-/internet addresses" and "full text".
For the field "machines" we do offer a value list.

Data export:

You have the possibility to export up to 10,000 addresses of the companies selected. The format for the documents exported is an ANSI text file in standard data format (SDF). The field end is the quotation mark ("), field separator is the semicolon (;) and sentence separator is the - Carriage Return/Line Feed (CRLF). The following fields are available for export: company name, street, region, postal code, location, same data for P.O. Box address (if available), country, telephone, telefax, internet, E-Mail, management. You may export entire documents from the individual document mask

Result list:
In the result list the results are sorted by advertising customers, country, location, company name. You can see the following information: advertisements, company type, company name, country, location, products.

Company information:
Address and communication data are freely visible for all company entries.
If you are registered as Professional user or if the company has made an advertisement in 'Birkner's Beverage World', you may see further information such as management data, capital, products, machines, brand names, branches etc.


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