Innovative machine generation presented - Citrocasa launches new "xPro"

The Austrian company Citrocasa GmbH, a subsidiary of Berentzen-Gruppe Aktiengesellschaft, has launched xPro, a new, innovative juicer. The latest generation of machines boasts a range of patented features and a modern design.

Citrocasa launches new "xPro" juicer
© Berentzen-Gruppe
Source:  Company news

"With the new Citrocasa xPro, we are further expanding our technological leadership in the juicer sector," explains Dr Stephan Susen, Managing Director of Citrocasa GmbH, and continues: "The new Citrocasa xPro offers limitless versatility. Whether oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes or even pomegranates - thanks to our newly developed technology, this machine can juice numerous fruits with a wide variety of diameters."

The market launch was preceded by several years of development. "This intensive process has paid off. The xPro sets completely new standards in terms of juice yield and cleaning," says Susen. Various technological solutions and the reduction in the number of components make it quick and easy to dismantle and clean the individual components. The entire pressing unit can be dismantled without screws and removed completely. A new milestone has also been reached with the xPro in terms of speed. The xPro can juice 40 fruits within one minute and thus achieve a result of 2.7 litres of juice.

The xPro also has an electronic tap. "This makes operation even easier and more hygienic for users," says Susen. In addition, a newer and larger touch display is integrated, which includes a responsive motion sensor. This displays appealing advertising films or cleaning instructions.

"With our new technology, we not only want to improve the daily enjoyment of fresh juice, but also make an even greater contribution to a healthier lifestyle. The unique functions make squeezing fresh juices easier and more efficient than ever before," concludes Susen.

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