Spooky Halloween - Spooky and beautiful creepy snacks with Kuemmerling

Booo-hoo - soon it's that time again! The probably darkest night of the year is coming up. And what can't be missing on Halloween? Horror snacks, of course. Curtain up for the perfect spooky show with Kuemmerling: The cult herbal liqueur is usually enjoyed neat and well chilled, but has a lot more to offer - and shows its spooky side for Halloween. Together with food blogger Patrick Rosenthal, Kuemmerling has created spooky recipes that are absolutely fit for Halloween.

Spooky Halloween - Spooky and beautiful creepy snacks with Kuemmerling
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These spooky treats are conjured up so quickly, there's plenty of time for a scary Halloween outfit. And best of all, these spooky snacks not only look the part, they taste frighteningly good, too!

Kuemmerling Jelly Shots
Small, aromatic & with a kick! This is not only how Kuemmerling Peppermint presents itself, but also the poisonous green Kuemmerling Jelly Shots. The intense mint note of the herbal newcomer is also visually particularly well accentuated. And best of all, the shots can be prepared in just a few simple steps. Decorative accessories such as edible rubber eyes, bats, or gummy worms that get lost in the jars make it especially spooky. Eerily good!

Kuemmerling Grazing Board
Grazing or cheese boards are currently all the rage. Why not pimp the "classic" cheese or sausage board and fill it with spooky snacks? No sooner said than done: edible spiders, snakes or witches' brooms come together with the cult herb Kuemmerling to create a frighteningly delicious Halloween happening. The Grazing Board can be prepared in no time and is visually quite something - creepy factor included! Decorated with Kuemmerling herbal liqueur and Kuemmerling peppermint, a "short" drink is also right at hand.

Fancy it? Then try it out and share it with your readers! Kuemmerling Kräuterlikör and Kuemmerling Pfefferminz are available in packs of 25 (25 x 0.02 l) for 12.49 euros each in stores and in the Henkell Freixenet online store.

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