Diesel or bog water - which do you prefer?

Diesel is a mixture of cola and light-coloured beer. The name has evolved because cola beer is supposed to look like diesel fuel in terms of colour.

Diesel or bog water
© Photo by Mgg Vitchakorn on Unsplash

However, there are various regional names for the same drink, such as dirty beer, dirt, bog water, cola beer, CAB (cola and beer), sea water, pork beer, etc.

The mixing ratio can vary, but the most common is a mixture of half and half, i.e. 0.25 litres of cola and 0.25 litres of beer.

The sequence of the two beverages is also a matter of taste. If you pour the beer first and then the cola, the drink will not foam as much. However, the two drinks mix less well, as cola is lighter than beer and therefore tends to rise to the top.

If you pour the cola first and then the beer, the drinks mix well, but a lot of foam develops, so you have to wait longer before you can enjoy the drink.