New product: effect® GRAPE MINT comes straight from the hookah bar into the can!

As a traditional and tried-and-tested flavour, grape mint is one of the true classics of the shisha scene. Now it is also available as a drinkable flavour in a can. With the new GRAPE MINT flavour, effect® shows what it's all about: a popular flavour, but completely reinterpreted.

effect® GRAPE MINT
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Source:  Company news

With an exciting design featuring colours not yet seen on the energy drink shelf, attention to detail with mint leaves in the background and grapes integrated into the effect® logo, the new taste is impossible to miss. The fruity flavour of grapes meets fresh mint. Thanks to this combination of flavours, the new member of the effect® family not only delights fans of the hookah scene, this flavour convinces almost everyone. Whether on your next visit to the shisha bar, at the next party or on your next long car journey, this new flavour is a must-have companion. It should never be forgotten: No effect without effect®!

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