effect® - Germany's No. 1 energy vodka premix - with a new ready-to-drink product

With effect® Vodka & Guava, effect® combines two strong market trends: Ready-to-Drinks (RTDs) and flavoured energy. The new premix tastes fruity sweet of the tropical fruit and is enhanced with premium 9 MILE Vodka. 

effect® Vodka & Guava - new ready-to-drink product
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RTD products have enjoyed double-digit growth in recent years: the strongest growth drivers here were mixed drinks without cola, with an increase of 32.5 percent (source: The Nielsen Company, Total Market excluding private labels: LEH + DM + C&C + TAN, Moving Annual Total to calendar week 09/2020). effect® Vodka & Energy secured fourth place among all premix varieties without cola in the ranking, making it the best-selling energy & vodka premix. With the new effect® Vodka & Guava variety, the brand is building on this success.

The tropically sweet fruit guava + 9 MILE vodka.
Since 2017, effect® has been launching new varieties alongside the classic energy drink flavor - enriched with functional ingredients such as ginseng or guarana, as well as vitamin complexes. Guarana contains twice as much caffeine as coffee beans and is said to increase performance. Ginseng can strengthen the immune system, fight fatigue and make the body more resistant to stress. This is what makes Flavoured Energy Drinks so popular with the target group.

The flavoured energy drink effect® Massive Guava has been particularly successful since its launch. It tastes fruity and sweet and is now being further enhanced in the new premix variant by 9 MILE Vodka.

The turquoise-pink can design - with the typical 15 effect® dots - has been developed primarily for the food trade and convenience stores. In current times, however, RTDs have also become increasingly relevant for restaurateurs in the take-away business.
The Premium Mix has an alcohol content of 10 percent by volume. 

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