Introducing a new filling machine with exceptional hygiene levels that gives fresh products a shelf life of up to 60 days

The new filling machine is designed to fill cartons with fresh and extended shelf-life dairy products, fresh and extended shelf-life juices, water, and plant-based drinks. All products with or without particles.

Elopak: Introducing a new filling machine with exceptional hygiene levels
© Elopak. Elopak to introduce new filling machine
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This machine is supported by a HEPA air management system, which is the result of extensive research and testing. The next-generation filling machine is designed by Elopak and produced by the long-term partner Shikoku. The HEPA filter system, stainless steel components and dual-step heating and sealing processes ensure the highest levels of hygiene, helping to extend the shelf-life of fresh products. The self-cleaning and sterilization features allow efficient switches between products, reducing food waste. The machine is versatile and fills gable top cartons from 250 ml up to 1.136 ml in Pure-Pak® carton formats.

“Our new filling machine is manufactured to meet the highest quality and hygiene standards. It sets a new standard for fresh products by extending the shelf life to 60 days. A longer shelf life means less food waste in addition to making it easier for the consumer to choose environmentally friendly containers for their fresh milk or juice products,” says Patrick Verhelst, Elopak's Chief Marketing Manager.

In addition to improving hygiene standards, the machine has an upgraded safety design for operators. Hands-free cleaning and magnetic doors further ensure the operator’s safety and reduce the margin for human error.

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