Gaffels Fassbrause: The new motif brings pure refreshment to the hot summer

The "Such a Freshness" campaign by Gaffels Fassbrause shows situations with freedom, fun and spontaneity. It transports real life feelings and tells authentic stories.

Gaffels Fassbrause - "Such a Freshness"
© Privatbrauerei Gaffel Becker & Co. oHG"Such a Freshness"
Source:  Company news

The new motif "Summer Rain" brings pure refreshment to the hot summer, when a sudden downpour replaces sweaty temperatures and the cooling slowly begins. Then the wet is really enjoyed and people dance in the rain. New energy returns, just like when enjoying Gaffels Fassbrause.

"Our new motif shows experienced refreshment in a comprehensible context," says Thomas Deloy, Business Manager for Marketing and PR at the private brewery Gaffel. The photographer Valery Kloubert took the motif in the surroundings of Cologne. The models are amateurs in the region who are friends with each other.

The motif "Summer Rain" can be seen on large posters and city light pillars in the greater Cologne area. The Cologne agency Posnik, Spohr designed the campaign and the motif.

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