Glass industry: Slight decline in sales in 2023

According to data from the Federal Statistical Office, the glass industry will close 2023 with a 3.1 per cent decline in sales. ifo Business Climate Index stabilises at a low level.

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Total sales in the glass industry in Germany fell by 3.1 per cent year-on-year to around EUR 12.28 billion in 2023 (2022: EUR 12.67 billion). Domestic and foreign sales declined in equal measure, falling by 3.7 and 2.2 per cent respectively.

The glass sectors at a glance
Turnover trends in the glass sectors varied: total turnover for flat glass manufacturers fell by 10.4 per cent[1] in 2023 and stood at EUR 1.10 billion (2022: EUR 1.23 billion). Flat glass finishers closed the year with a drop of 4.2 per cent. Their total earnings amounted to EUR 4.64 billion (2022: EUR 4.85 billion).

Manufacturers of glass fibres recorded the largest decline in turnover, down 16.7% from EUR 1.37 billion in 2022 to EUR 1.14 billion. In contrast, the decline in turnover in the speciality glass industry was comparatively moderate. It fell by just 0.7 per cent to EUR 1.71 billion (2022: EUR 1.73 billion).

The hollow glass industry's result remained constant compared to the previous year. This sector includes both container glass and hollow glass. Turnover increased by 0.1 per cent to EUR 3.48 billion (2022: EUR 3.47 billion).

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