Hamburg Beer Week 2022: 10 days, 200 events and a big festival to top it all off

Hamburg Beer Week 2022 (8.09.-17.09.22) will reach a new record number of participants with 200 events in around 45 locations over a total of ten days!

Hamburg Beer Week 2022 with new record number of participants
© Henning Angerer. HHBW Orga Team f.l.t.r. Jens Hinrichs, Brian Schlede, Axel Ohm, Udo Spallek, Daniel Hertrich

For the first time, a central beer festival will complement the decentralized events: the #HHBW Celebration at the BallinStadt Emigration Museum (Saturday, 17.09.2022) will be the event's crowning finale. At the same time, the special exhibition "Beer" opens there. It illuminates the influence of migration on beer culture. We, the #HHBW makers, want to tell media representatives and bloggers* more about this record-breaking Hamburg Beer Week at a Hamburg Lager - on Thursday, 8.09.22, 11 am. Are you there?

A lot of effort and love goes into the Hamburg Beer Week program. It is as colorful and creative as the beer world itself. Beer dating (maybe) forges new bonds, the 1st Hobbybrau Meisterschaft in Hamburg looks for the best homebrewer, beer-food pairings explore taste experiences, and vinyl sessions put beer to the beat. There will also be Beer Talks, concerts and the finest beer specialties. As in previous years, #HHBW22 kicks off with a hop-heavy boat cruise across the Elbe River (Brewers Boat Cruise, Thursday, 08.09.2022). New to the program is the #HHBW Celebration (Saturday, 17.09.22). 28 national and
international breweries will gather on the grounds of the BallinStadt Emigration Museum, with around 100 draft beers in their luggage. Workshops and talks with brewers and beer experts invite you to a deep dive into the beer industry. There will be live music, DJ sets, delicious street food and a street art battle secret wars, in short: plenty of food for body and brain.

Beer history: How migration has shaped beer culture to this day

In the special exhibition "Beer", which starts at the same time, the Emigration Museum shows how migration and beer culture go together. It's a pretty exciting piece of beer history. For example, do you know the story of the young journeyman brewer Adolph Hermann Joseph Kuhrs, the founder of the "Adolph Coors Golden Brewery" in Colerado? In 1886, he boarded the ship as a stowaway in Hamburg. His destination: America. He was discovered. Forced labor or overboard, he had a choice. After a year of hard work, Adolph Kohrs was a free man, later founded his brewery - and became a millionaire. That's just one of the many stories the special exhibition will tell. Guests of the HHBW Celebration have the opportunity to also visit the special exhibition on the day of the event. The combined ticket is available for 15 euros in the presale at The exhibition "Bier" runs until the end of the year.

Facts and Contact

Hamburg Beer Week 2022, Thursday, 8.09.22, until Saturday, 17.09.22, at over 43 locations throughout Hamburg, Program and info:

Tip: The Hamburg beer podcast HHopcast has published an episode about the special exhibition:

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