Innovation at Brown-Forman Germany: Gentleman Jack & Cola

- First super premium long drink in a can

The popular premixed long drink quartet based around the classic JACK DANIEL'S & Cola is joined by an exclusive innovation in the truest sense of the word: Gentleman Jack & Cola is the first premixed long drink in the super premium segment. The perfectly balanced combination of original JACK DANIEL'S Gentleman Jack Whiskey and a cola recipe specially created for the new premix is initially only available on the German market throughout Europe. 

Gentleman Jack & Cola
© Brown-Forman Deutschland GmbH, Gentleman Jack & Cola
Source:  Company news

Cola mixes continue to be popular and strong-selling flavors: over 60 percent of premixed long drinks consumed are cola-based, led by whiskey, followed by rum-based mixed drinks. They deliver over 50 percent of the growth within the category.

The target group for the newcomer and founder of a new segment within the successful premixed long drink category: connoisseurs with a certain level of sophistication who have a soft spot for "convenience" but don't want to sacrifice "premium".

Aficionados appreciate their Gentleman Jack - whether neat, on ice, as a whiskey sour, or in a whiskey-cola mix - for its typical vanilla and caramel notes, its pure, full-bodied aroma, and the special mildness it gets from double filtration through charcoal, known as charcoal mellowing. "The new cola recipe again emphasizes this mildness on the tongue and also ensures a gentle first enjoyment experience for newcomers with an interest in the world of whiskey," elaborates Markus Hubert, Brand Manager Jack Daniel's Germany at Brown-Forman Germany.

The new Premixed Longdrink presents itself discreetly, but elegantly in a matt black and raised coated tin with shining silver logo, which is visually based on the emblem of the Gentleman Jack bottle.

Single-variety 72-unit secondary placement displays, modular refrigerators for the Gentleman Jack & Coke cans and Gentleman Jack bottles, and display stands - all matching the look of the black-and-silver can design - attract attention and trigger additional buying impulses for the newcomer. Price rail inserts and floor stickers round off the PoS activities.

JACK DANIEL'S Gentleman Jack & Cola is available nationwide in grocery stores, kiosks and gas station stores in the 0.33l can (10% vol.) at a price of 3.59 euros (RRP).