Karlsberg brews Germany's best bock beer

For the third time, Karlsberg starkes Bock - the perfect beer specialty for the cold season - won the Platinum Award at the Meininger International Craft Beer Awards as Germany's best bock beer. From the end of September, Karlsberg Brauerei's seasonal specialty will go on sale in a new design.

Karlsberg brews Germany's best bock beer
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With its products, Karlsberg Brewery stands for genuine brewing craftsmanship and quality: Since 2018, Karlsberg strong Bock has been winning over the juries of international beer awards and securing the best awards year after year. This makes the Karlsberg brewers all the more delighted that their bock beer has once again been named Bock of the Year 2021 at the International Craft Beer Awards with the platinum award.

Bock strong taste
Karlsberg starkes Bock is the perfect seasonal beer speciality for shared moments in the cold season: aromatic dark roasted malts and the complex mashing process characterize the seasonal beer speciality with 6.6 % vol. Alcohol and 16.3% original wort.

Bock strong design
The passion of the Homburger brewers for the craft of brewing can not only be tasted, it can also be seen in their Karlsberg starkes Bock: This year, for the first time, the permanent winner's award can be seen on the product. Beyond that, the design has also undergone some changes: the Bock is shown in its natural environment and, for the first time, the blue barrel roll star shines on the seasonal beer speciality.

Karlsberg starkes Bock will be available in stores from the end of September in the 0.33-liter Stubbi bottle in the 20-bottle case, in the Stubbi six-pack, and in the 0.5L can.

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