Fresh look: Krombacher with updated brand identity

New year, new look! Krombacher presents itself with an updated brand identity in 2023. In the contemporary further development of its label and packaging design, Germany's most popular beer brand relies on a clear, natural look - and at the same time ensures a consistently high level of recognition of the umbrella brand among users across all varieties.

Fresh look - Krombacher with updated brand identity
© Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH & Co KG
Source:  Company news

The adapted design deliberately combines tradition and modernity: familiar brand elements such as the Krombacher coat of arms are retained, but are presented even more succinctly with a reduced look. The changeover to a new, non-metallised label paper with matt gold printing strengthens Krombacher's sustainable natural positioning and makes the brand look even more modern on the shelf. At the same time, a striking design of the individual varieties ensures that Krombacher Pils, Krombacher Alkoholfrei, Krombacher Radler and Krombacher Weizen will be even more strongly differentiated from each other in the future.

Krombacher will be on sale with the new label design as early as the end of February. The conversion of other packaging materials, such as the variety six-packs, and advertising materials will follow successively in the course of the year.

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