New product "Lilac Berry" from beckers bester GmbH

beckers bester has succeeded in adding a fruity, tart note to its assortment this fall - its own 1.0L reusable range is now being supplemented with the "Lilac Berry" variety.

beckers bester Lilac Berry
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Source:  Company news

The lilac berry, or also known as "black elderberry", is used in many ways, especially in northern German cuisine. For example, the juice can be used wonderfully as a basis for the preparation of lilac berry soup, is ideal as a sauce for semolina porridge when sweetened with a little sugar, and is a boon especially as a hot drink on cold and rainy days. With its high vitamin C content, it is also good against colds.

As always, the look is also a highlight, with the purple label perfectly complementing the rich dark purple of the juice. The elderberries, which are later processed into the juice, get their intense dark color from the high content of so-called anthocyanins, plant pigments from the flavonoid group. The naturalness of beckers bester is particularly close to its heart - as with all its other products, the company does not use any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

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