Originally pure, strictly controlled: Always on the safe side with natural mineral water

Only what it says is inside. Natural mineral water comes exclusively from well-protected underground springs that guarantee natural purity. Before, during and after bottling, it undergoes a variety of regular analyses and quality tests. It is the only foodstuff in Germany that requires official recognition.

Originally pure, strictly controlled: Always on the safe side with natural mineral water
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The strict requirements of the Mineral and Table Water Ordinance (MTVO) regulate how mineral springs must handle their natural product and what conditions it must meet. Natural mineral water may only be bottled and sold after it has been officially approved. For this purpose, every mineral water undergoes a more stringent and intensive testing procedure than any other foodstuff in this country. It is closely scrutinized in several hundred individual tests. The mineral springs work with both independent testing institutes and the relevant authorities to analyze and test the water. They certify the highest quality of the thirst quencher and guarantee that the water comes from underground sources protected from contamination, is originally pure and hygienically flawless. Its content of minerals and trace elements remains constant within natural fluctuations. Apart from carbonic acid, nothing may be added to mineral waters. To ensure that their enjoyment is literally unclouded, the MTVO allows only a few treatment steps, such as the removal of iron and sulfur.

Also mandatory: Mineral water must still be bottled at the source. The condition for this is that the bottling processes of the well companies meet the legal requirements. This means that nothing works without a usage permit.

A brand-new bottle cap ensures that natural mineral water is of the same high quality as when it left the spring until the bottle is opened. Finally, the mineral water companies must ensure through packaging and closure that their mineral waters are neither adulterated nor contaminated when they reach the market. Even the declaration on the label is subject to binding regulations. As the calling card of every mineral water, it provides information on the name of the spring, characteristic ingredients, and carbon dioxide content, among other things.

Whether pure or as a summery mixed drink, those who prefer mineral water can always be sure that they are enjoying one of the best-controlled foodstuffs - purely from the bottle into the glass, of course.

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