NEW: Rabenhorst Alkaline Balance with Zinc and Rabenhorst Immune Power with Vitamin C and Zinc

With these two juice innovations, Rabenhorst is a pioneer in opening up a new market segment: premium vegetable juices with indication

Rabenhorst Alkaline Balance with Zinc and Rabenhorst Immune Power with Vitamin C and Zinc
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The juice experts at Rabenhorst from Unkel on the Rhine have been convincing consumers with their innovative spirit for generations and regularly create new fruit and vegetable juices in premium quality from exciting new ingredients. A very special juice innovation is in the starting blocks for 2023: Vegetable Plus, i.e. vegetable juices enriched with vitamins and minerals, will open up a whole new market segment. With 125 years of knowledge and experience, Rabenhorst always responds to current trends: Vegetable juices naturally contain less sugar than conventional fruit juices. This trend is complemented with the addition of nutrients such as vitamin C and zinc to create vegetable juices with added benefits. The result is two particularly aromatic varieties that will be available to all juice lovers from 2023!

Rabenhorst Alkaline Balance with Zinc is a direct juice made from tomato, beetroot, potato, carrot, celery and lemon juice, and is supplemented with zinc for a normal acid-base balance. The latter should be in balance in a balanced diet, but can be negatively affected by various factors such as stress and little exercise. Numerous vegetables and also zinc can help to keep the acid-base balance balanced.

Rabenhorst Immune Power with vitamin C and zinc is a direct juice made from tomato, carrot and sauerkraut juice* as well as parsnip* and beetroot* juice combined with a tasty spiced salt. Parts of the juice are lactic-fermented to obtain a mild and sour-fresh taste. The vegetable mix is supplemented with vitamin C and zinc, which contribute to a normal function of the immune system.

Both juice innovations are also ideally suited for a vegan diet. Vegetable juices naturally contain sugar and do not contain any added sugar.

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