Radeberger Exportbierbrauerei receives IHK certificate of honour

At the site of the official first tasting of Radeberger Pilsner, in the council chamber of Radeberg town hall, the traditional company is honoured for its economic success 150 years later.

Radeberger Pilsner
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The Radeberger Exportbierbrauerei received a very special honour today: to mark over 150 years of brewing tradition, it was awarded the Certificate of Honour by the Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK Dresden). The certificate was ceremoniously accepted by Olaf Plaumann, Managing Director of the Radeberger Exportbierbrauerei, from Lukas Rohleder, Chief Executive of the Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall of the beer town of Radeberg in the presence of Mayor Frank Höhme.

"The Radeberger Exportbierbrauerei is one of our most important traditional companies of all," emphasises Lukas Rohleder. "With its strong brand, it not only embodies the Saxon art of brewing, but has also been a fixed economic factor in Saxony for 150 years. As an attractive employer, Radeberger today secures over 250 jobs in our region and also trains new motivated skilled workers. With this award, we as the Dresden Chamber of Industry and Commerce want to express our appreciation for this achievement."

"As an export beer brewery, we are known nationally and also worldwide, but at the same time we are firmly rooted in Saxony. Every Radeberger Pilsner - no matter where it is drunk - is brewed exclusively here in our home town. This has been the case for the past 150 years and nothing will change in the future," explains Olaf Plaumann.

Frank Höhme is also pleased about the recognition: "The town hall and the brewery have always had a good relationship. For example, the first tasting of Radeberger Pilsner 1873 took place in our town hall. The beer carries the name of our city all over the world - that makes us proud. I warmly congratulate all the employees of the Radeberger Exportbierbrauerei on this honour. It is an impressive achievement to be able to show such a long and successful history. May the coming years be as successful as the past 150 years."

It is no coincidence that the awarding of the certificate of honour takes place in Radeberg's town hall. After laying the foundation stone in April 1872, the brewery began brewing just over a year later in June 1873. In August 1873, the first tasting took place on the brewery premises "in a quiet circle" with the participation of shareholders and selected experts and friends of the company. Only then was it decided to hold an official first tasting, which took place a few days later in the town hall.

The daily newspaper "Radeberger Echo" wrote in its current issue: "The colour and brilliance of the beer, which vividly reminds one of the preferred Viennese beers, was generally admired. The taste was excellent, but it was generally considered advisable to let a period of 3 to 4 weeks pass in order to allow the fine "Brikelnde", which is also so characteristic of Viennese beer, to fully develop. So we can probably set the opening of the shipment for the 15th or 20th of September." And so it was that on 14 September 1873 the lager was delivered to consumers for the first time. This marked the beginning of the Radeberg brewing tradition, which continues successfully to this day.

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