Refresh: Havana Club Verde takes off with a new design

Just in time for the beginning of summer, Havana Club Verde from Pernod Ricard Germany has a new design and will soon be even more colourful.

Havana Club Verde will soon be more colourfull
© Pernod Ricard Deutschland GmbH. Havana Club Verde in a new design
Source:  Company news

In terms of taste, the fruity rum variant remains this year's must-have for all those who want to enjoy the summer to the full. Refreshingly mild, Havana Club Verde combines the Cuban classic with sun-ripened citrus fruits and selected botanicals - perfect for balmy summer nights. Andreas Höhner, Head of Brand Management: "The trend for flavoured rums is unbroken. This is shown by the increasing sales in the flavoured rum category.* Especially the variety of flavours is very popular with consumers."

Modern & colourful design

The exceptional taste of Havana Club Verde comes from its exquisite ingredients. With the new label design, Havana Club Verde now puts its hero ingredients visually in the foreground. The new colour selection creates a visually beautiful balance between citrus fruits and botanicals and leads to a better and clearer taste description for consumers. A real eye-catcher that shows what makes this rum so special: the incomparable balance of fresh grapefruit, sweet orange and selected botanicals.

A large-scale digital and out-of-home campaign is being launched around the new, colourful design. From the beginning of June until the end of August, Havana Club Verde will spread its Cuban summer message: "TASTES LIKE CUBAN SUMMER". "Havana Club Verde means pure joie de vivre and is the ideal spirit for fresh and easy-to-mix summer long drinks, whether on your own balcony or in the bar," explains Andreas Höhner.

Refreshingly different - "Verde Lemonade" and "Verde & Tonic"

The new signature drink "Verde Lemonade" mixed with lemonade brings freshness into the glass and reflects a modern and urban lifestyle with its harmony of taste. The classic "Verde & Tonic" should also be at every party this summer.

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