Sporty, powerful, fresh: Rosbacher shines with new labels

A modern, dynamic design makes for greater appeal, and a new color scheme ensures faster orientation for the different mineral water varieties.

Sporty, powerful, fresh: Rosbacher shines with new labels.
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Source:  Company news

Newly designed labels on all products will show off the Rosbacher brand to its best advantage starting in mid-August: the look has been upgraded with a dynamic design featuring a carefully modernized proud Rosbacher lion, bold colors, and sparkling-cool visual dew.

"The fresh labels thus perfectly reflect the values of the very sporty, powerful, modern Rosbacher brand," says Nicole Dutta-Körner, Head of Brand Management Hassia Mineralquellen. The positioning is based on Rosbacher's added nutritional value: the mineral water naturally contains twice as much calcium as magnesium. This ideal 2:1 ratio means that the body gets back the minerals exactly as it loses them through sweating during exercise.

As part of the relaunch, the color system for the mineral water varieties was also adapted. The Natural non-carbonated variant can now be recognized by its blue look; Medium remains green, Classic silver. The new color scheme enables quicker differentiation between varieties, making it easier for consumers to find their way around.

The new labels were developed together with Roman Klis Design from Herrenberg. Senior Brand Consultant Sascha Schmidt emphasizes the great importance of a suitable, brand-appropriate color scheme: "Color is the first piece of information that our human brain picks up from a long distance and processes associatively. It is therefore important to set the first right impulses with this. The use of magma red, Taunus green and silver in the color scheme conveys positive attributes such as sportiness, dynamism and refreshment."

The design relaunch is supported by a strong media package in print, radio and on posters.

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