Glass finishing even when there is a shortage of gas

Safe glass decoration thanks to propane gas supply

Sahm: Propane gas safes glass decoration
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Source:  Company news

Sahm has secured glass decoration capabilities due to strategic planning to utilize propane gas supply as an alternative.
SAHM, one of the leading international suppliers of glasses for the beverage industry, is strategically working to minimize and avoid possible gas shortages.

Sahm works to take measures to be prepared for any crises. “We are investing in a comprehensive supply of propane gas for our lines at the Höhr-Grenzhausen site allowing us to continue to guarantee decoration on glassware.” Says Managing Director Michael Sahm. The propane gas is used to pretreat the glassware, which is then finished using environmentally friendly UV printing. Michael Sahm also states “Until now, we have mainly used ceramic screen-printing methods that require natural gas that involves curing the ink at 600 degrees. However, the process is increasingly being replaced by UV screen printing. The printing inks are cured with UV light in our state-of-the-art machines. There is no high temperature curing. We are increasingly independent of natural gas and are therefore well prepared for the future.”

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