SEARS Drinks launches two non-alcoholic gin alternatives

The SEARS Drinks brand - known for its unique CUTTING EDGE PROCESS® - launches alcohol-free gin alternatives. In addition to SEARS Gin with 37.5 percent by volume, there are now two alcohol-free products: SEARS Spiced Garden as well as SEARS Citrus Garden.

SEARS Drinks range
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Alcohol-free alternatives
The market around alcohol-free products - especially alcohol-free gin alternatives - is becoming increasingly popular among consumers and also restaurateurs. "Guests in bars and clubs want to enjoy a high-quality drink - but without alcohol. That's where SEARS' new concept comes in. SEARS Spiced Garden and SEARS Citrus Garden are based on the original SEARS Gin in their presentation and thus give the consumer a valuable feeling - and on a healthier, alcohol-free taste level, which also generates more sales for the restaurateur than a simple lemonade," explains Cord Hendryck Vinke, Marketing Manager MBG Group.

The manufacturing process of alcohol-free products - in this case, that of the alcohol-free gin alternatives - is similar to that of the alcoholic original. In the new SEARS variants, the botanicals are finely chopped using the CUTTING EDGE® process with super-sharp knife blades to best release the essential oils and avoid crushing them.

The alcohol-free products are 100% natural, with no sugar, no fat, no carbohydrates and no artificial flavors.

SEARS Spiced Garden (alcohol-free)
Spiced Garden is distinguished by its balanced and full-bodied composition of six hand-selected botanicals. Natural aromas of cinnamon, oak bark, spruce needle, clove, paired with premium citrus notes and a hint of eucalyptus, give it its pleasant long-lasting, slightly spicy finish. Recommended retail price 18.90 euros.

SEARS Citrus Garden (non-alcoholic)
Citrus Garden is characterized by its fruity and fresh composition of nine hand-picked botanicals. Natural flavors including lemongrass, orange, basil, cucumber, paired with high-quality ginger and a hint of grains of paradise spread an intense citrus freshness in the finish. Recommended retail price 18.90 euros.