Full of flavour, zero calories: Spezi ZERO comes in a can

Spezi ZERO is now available in a practical can for all those who want to enjoy the legendary flavour of SPEZI® without the calories and in an uncomplicated way.

Spezi Zero in a can
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Spezi - the original, invented by the Riegele brewery in 1965, is keeping up with the times and is expanding its fast-growing one-way range with a new, promising product: Spezi ZERO comes in a handy 0.33 litre can.

The calorie-free Spezi variant is impressive in several respects: firstly, zero products are on trend. Spezi ZERO can score points with the full Spezi flavour with zero sugar and zero calories, as the new recipe is based on the unmistakable, fresh and fruity experience of the Spezi Original Cola Mix drink.

Added to this is the growing demand for an uncomplicated refreshment "to go". The Sleek can is gaining popularity, particularly among the younger target group, and is on course for growth. It is light, unbreakable, recyclable and therefore perfect for a calorie-free Spezi freshness kick on the go, in leisure time or at events.

Retailers are guaranteed on-top sales with Spezi ZERO in the 0.33 litre can. Spezi is performing strongly in the competitive market for cola mix drinks. Last year alone, the consumer reach for SPEZI in non-returnable containers increased by a whopping 38%.

"With the launch of Spezi ZERO in the practical Sleek tin, we are adding another promising product to the portfolio of this exceptional brand. The ingredients are right: The trend towards calorie-conscious eating on the one hand meets the growing popularity of cola/orange drinks on the other. Added to this is the contemporary packaging and, above all, the legendary flavour of Spezi, which is only available in the original - all of which will contribute to the further growth of Spezi," says Volkmar Goebel, Head of Marketing at DrinkStar.

Beverage specialist DrinkStar distributes the original Spezi Cola-Orange in PET bottles, cans and TRi TOP Spezi syrup on behalf of the brand owner, the Riegele brewery.

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