Tanzania: Serengeti Breweries introduces Guinness Smooth

In a bid to maintain strong market presence, Serengeti Breweries Limited has introduced Guinness Smooth, a new member to its growing family in the country’s northern cities of Moshi, Arusha Manyara, and Tanga, IPPmedia reported on February 26.

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In a statement on February 25, the brewer invited key distributors, restaurant and bar owners to be among the first people to experience and sample the Guinness Smooth’s distinctive and refreshing taste.

SBL’s Innovation Manager, Bertha Vedastus said the latest addition to the Guinness family has a distinctly smooth and refreshing taste, with the perfect balance of flavours that are ideal for enjoyment while catching up with friends.

“The new tipple has all the refreshment hallmarks of a stout, with the fine character of Guinness. Crafted with Tanzanian consumers in mind, Guinness Smooth is a new expression of Guinness developed by Guinness master brewers, local and international, to deliver an exciting and stand-out beer that is perfect for casual social occasions. This smooth beer is produced in our Moshi brewery,” Vedastus said.

She further noted that the new beer brand brings a unique and world-class taste to residents of Moshi, Arusha Manyara, and Tanga following successful launch in Dar es Salaam at the end of last year. “Guinness has an enviably long tradition of brewing extraordinary beers,” she added.

Incorporated in 1988 as Associated Breweries, SBL is the second largest beer company in Tanzania. SBL has three operating plants in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Moshi. Since the creation of SBL in 2002, the business has grown its portfolio of brands year on year.

The majority stake acquisition by EABL/Diageo in 2010 has seen increased investment in international quality standards leading to greater job opportunities for the people of Tanzania. 

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