UK: Alcohol-free beer price almost doubles in a year

The price of alcohol-free beer in the UK’s supermarkets has almost doubled in a year, according to new data from Reapp, TalkingRetail reported on August 22.

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A multipack has rocketed from £4.28 in June 2022 to £8.13 today – a rise of more than 90%, the retail data expert said.

Yet despite these price hikes, sales have increased by 68% as more and more shoppers turn to the category.

Some of the biggest sales of the past twelve months coincided with ‘Dry January’ as more and more people cut out alcohol at the start of the year.

Reapp commercial director, James Lamplugh, commented: “Alcohol-free beer is becoming an essential for more and more of the nation’s shoppers as they seek to moderate alcohol intake.

“Our latest analysis demonstrates how the category is surging with sales up by nearly 70%.

“But with that we are also seeing price rises of over 90% on multi-packs hitting shoppers hard in the pocket.”

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