Underberg Espresso Herbtini - Herbal Liqueur with Espresso

Now, for the first time in 177 years, there is a second product bearing the Underberg name. Underberg Espresso Herbtini, the after-dinner fusion drink in the iconic single-serving bottle.

Underberg Espresso Herbtini
© Semper idem Underberg AG
Source:  Company news

For connoisseurs, it simply belongs together - espresso or Underberg after a good meal. Some want a wake-up, others rely on the power of herbs. With Underberg Espresso Herbtini, both are now possible!

Multifaceted espresso nuances and a hint of vanilla in perfect fusion with the secret Underberg herbs - inspired by the legendary cult cocktail Espresso Martini, which started its triumphal procession through the bar world at the end of the eighties.

So new, so different - and yet unmistakably from the house of Underberg with a family tradition since 1846.

Underberg Espresso Herbtini will soon be available in participating EDEKA markets or now in the Underberg Amazon Store or in the Underberg Online Shop.

Underberg style glass with exclusive engraving - Only for a short time and in a limited edition
As a tribute to our Limited Edition "Underberg Espresso Herbtini", the Underberg style glass with exclusive engraving is now also available in limited quantities.
Be quick now and secure one of our 250 limited edition Underberg style glasses with the exclusive "Espresso Herbtini" engraving for only 286 capsules!