USA, PA: Bonafide Beer Company now open in Pittsburgh’s Strip District

Bonafide Beer Company, is now open at 155 21st Street in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, Breweries in PA reported on November 27.

The 1,600 sq/ft building was previously the Chicken Latino restaurant, and Bonafide Beer will operate there on a “small batch” business model, utilizing a 2BBL brewhouse.

USA, PA: Bonafide Beer Company now open in Pittsburgh’s Strip District
Source:  Company news

When asked what style of beers he wanted to make at this space, co-owner Travis Tuttle said “lots of easy-drinking lagers, sessionable IPAs, and some international styles such as dry Irish stouts. Basically, beers that make you want to buy a case of them. We won’t be swearing off certain beer styles, but we will focus on those easy-drinking ones.” Travis went on to say, “We will have two staple or core brands, a lager, and an IPA, and these will be brewed on a larger scale and sent out for distribution.”

The taproom will be able to fit about 50 people total, with bar seating for 10. There are 13 taps, including 3 side pours as well. Bonafide won’t have food. Instead, they’re encouraging beer fans to order from the many local restaurants nearby.

While this is a brewery and taproom, there will be a big focus on local whiskey. Travis Tuttle’s Partner Christian Simmons owns PA Libations, which supports and sells the largest portfolio of craft libations in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. They sell only PA-made spirits, wines, ciders, meads, and beers.

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