The winter becomes exotic! Mangaroca Batida launches winter limited edition in the trade

At the end of the year, Mangaroca Batida presents itself with an absolute novelty in the trade: The creamy-exotic Limited Edition Mangaroca Batida White Chocolate Kiss captivates with the taste of coconut and white chocolate and sets new impulses in the spirits shelf. The Limited Edition will be available for a short time starting in October 2022. The RRP for a 0.7-liter bottle with 16 percent alcohol is 9.49 euros.

Limited Edition Mangaroca Batida White Chocolate Kiss will be available for a short time starting in October 2022.
© Henkell Freixenet
Source:  Company news

The months of November and December are the best-selling time of year for cream liqueurs. Mangaroca Batida is picking up on this trend and starting the winter season with a creamy, exotic highlight for the first time. Mangaroca Batida White Chocolate Kiss will be available from October for a short time only. The brand is thus building on the success of the last Limited Summer Edition, which repeatedly attracted a great deal of attention in recent years and gave the brand 10 percent on-top sales last year. The popular coconut liqueur is also asserting itself in a market comparison: Mangaroca Batida 2021 grew more dynamically than the coconut liqueur market as a whole, at nearly 26 percent.

"With the Limited Edition White Chocolate Kiss, we want to continue this success story and create additional consumption occasions with Mangaroca Batida in the fall and winter. The combination of coconut and white chocolate is a perfect fit and brings some sunshine into the cold season," says Torben Jansen, Head of Marketing Spirits & Trade Marketing at Henkell Freixenet. "With the limited availability, we are also increasing the desirability among shoppers and thus creating buying impulses."

The new, limited edition delights with the taste of white chocolate and coconut and provides an exotic Copacabana feeling even in winter. Whether pure or mixed, served ice cold or warm - the drink exudes summery lightness even on cold days. The eye-catching bottle design fits perfectly into the Mangaroca Batida brand world: a white sleeve with tropical elements highlights the new flavor and whets the appetite for the contents. The back of the bottle also contains tasty recipe ideas.

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