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Blefa GmbH, Blefa Beverage Systems


Blefa GmbH
Blefa Beverage Systems
Hüttenstr. 43 - D-57223 Kreuztal
Tel. +49 (2732) 777-0
Fax +49 (2732) 777-292

Getränkebehälter für Bier, Wein
und Soft Drinks,
Kegs ganz aus Edelstahl-Rostfrei,


Address:  Hüttenstrasse 43, 57223 Kreuztal.

Telephone: +49 (2732) 777-0

Telefax: +49 (2732) 777-292



General Manager: Alexander Brand

Established: 1896

Products: Getränkebehälter für Bier, Wein und Soft Drinks, Kegs ganz aus Edelstahl-Rostfrei, Finn-Kegs, Gummi/Stahl/Gummi-Kegs, Party-Fässer, Keg-Service / Beverage containers for beer, wine and soft drinks, kegs all stainless steel, Finn-kegs, rubber/steel/rubber kegs, party kegs, party barrels, keg service

Note: BLEFA BEVERAGE SYSTEMS is one of the world's leading suppliers of stainless steel kegs for beer, wine and soft drinks and is part of the internationally operating Artemis-Holding group (Aarburg, Switzerland). BLEFA has over 140 employees in Germany and around 40 in the USA. All our beer, wine and soft drinks kegs in stainless steel are manufactured at our headquarters in Kreuztal. Our US subsidiaries at La Vergne (TN) and Vancouver (WA) not only provide our customers with kegs from stock (Kwik Kegs), but also with both a stationary and mobile keg service. Our success as the world's leading manufacturer of stainless steel kegs is based on value retention, high quality and the long-term operational capability of our kegs for the beverage industry. Reliability in everyday application, our extensive range of services to maintain the kegs' functionality and sustainable environmental are essential factors in this


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