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Five times SACMI: Chinaplas 2019 draws nearer  (Company news)

Major Asian fair to showcase SACMI’s very latest continuous compression moulding (CCM) technology, the global industry standard becoming ever-more popular on the Chinese market. Also on show will be the innovative SACMI CBF container manufacturing solution plus a wide range of systems for total quality control at every stage along the line

Five good reasons to visit the SACMI stand at the 33rd edition of Chinaplas, China's biggest international fair dedicated to food&beverage production technology (Guangzhou, China Import & Export Fair Complex, 21-24 May 2019).

The first reason: to get a close, first-hand look at continuous compression moulding by SACMI, the world's leading provider of manufacturing technology to the beverage industry. Existing and potential customers visiting the SACMI stand (156 m2, hall 4.1, booth C41) will, in fact, be able to admire a CCM 48 SD press, one of no less than 37 solutions recently supplied to Chinese package giant Hebei Red Hat Plastic Co., Ltd.

Completing SACMI's PET Closures&Containers range is the advanced IPS platform for manufacturing PET preforms and, downstream, a full range of filling, labelling and bottling solutions. Then there is CBF, the container-making solution that uses compression technology: ideal for the dairy and pharma industries, CBF combines the very best characteristics of alternative technologies. This is why – and the second good reason to meet with us at Chinaplas - SACMI stands out as the world's only competitor capable of providing solutions for each stage of the beverage production line.

Third: total quality control is the hallmark of the SACMI range, as all solutions incorporate camera inspection systems to maximise the performance of every single machine. More specifically, Chinaplas will see SACMI showcase the BVS (Bottle Vision System), part of a range of vision systems developed by the Group's Quality&Process Control Division. Technological solution able to simultaneously inspect the container with or without the external decoration (label).

Fourth: another key SACMI trait is its far-reaching international presence. In China, SACMI Shanghai, which works alongside manufacturing facility Foshan Nanhai, has provided the local market with close support for over twenty years. Thanks to these local branches, customers can count on comprehensive assistance before, during and after the sale. Additional guarantees stem from the fact that SACMI has been operating as a completemould maker since 1994 and has, to date, sold no less than 2200 original mould sets.

Fifth: following the establishment of the Customer Service Division, which works in close concert with the SACMI Global Network, we also provide cutting-edge remote assistance services to ensure customers always get the best from their investment in SACMI technology. For example, via SACMI S.P.A.C.E. (Sacmi Portal for Aftersales and Customer service Excellence), the Customer Service Division provides an advanced services package that - in addition to Daily Lifetime Support - can extend support throughout and even beyond the working life of the machine. Moreover, customers can count on training via e-Learning platforms and subsequent production management support through dedicated maintenance engineering services.

Visit our stand (hall 4.1, booth C41) at Chinaplas 2019.

Save the date! 21-24 May 2019, Guangzhou, China Import & Export Fair Complex.
(Sacmi Imola S.C.)

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SACMI taking the North African packaging industry to the next level  (Company news)

Once again, the Group will be exhibiting at the Djazagro fair in Algiers. In the spotlight: beverage, closures and preform technology alongside the integrated SACMI Packaging&Chocolate range for the confectionery industry.

In 2019 SACMI will renew its long-standing participation at Djazagro, the annual Algiers-held fair that brings together the world's leading Process & Conditioning, Bakery-Pastry, Food & Beverage, Ingredients & Food Service protagonists in what is North Africa's leading economy. SACMI will be in Algiers from 25 to 28 February 2019, bringing with it an expert Beverage – Closures & Preform team and showcasing the latest technology from SACMI Packaging&Chocolate, heir to the historical Carle&Montanari, OPM and FIMA brands.

Visitors will thus have a great opportunity to visit the SACMI stand and get a close look at the multiple technological developments being presented by the SACMI Group, world leader and primary partner to the entire North African packaging-beverage industry. These include the CCM presses, a flexible, efficient plastic closures production solution with the lowest running costs on the market.

Capable of providing individual solutions and complete plants covering every stage along the beverage line, SACMI will be at Djazagro to showcase a renewed plant engineering range that now includes integrated solutions upstream (caps and preforms) and downstream from the bottling line (stretch-blowing, filing, labelling). All, of course, supported by a full range of inspection systems designed to ensure total quality control.

The year 2019 will see SACMI attending key fairs in the industry to present its 'new' Packaging&ChocolateDivision. The latter merges the Group's unrivalled skill and knowledge in the fields of chocolate preparation and moulding (Carle&Montanari), primary and secondary packaging (OPM) and wrapping technology for chocolate and other confectionery products (FIMA and, again, Carle&Montanari). The Algiers-held event will provide the perfect showcase for an array of technological developments in different fields, all characterised by flexibility, user-friendliness and efficient management of all product types. SACMI Packaging&Chocolate, in fact, is the perfect partner for both start-ups and established chocolate producers looking for a reliable, skilled, sole supplier. SACMI Packaging&Chocolate provides valuable initial guidance and close support throughout the process, from raw material mixing to refinement, conching, tempering and moulding, up to and including packaging processes (wrapping, flow-pack and all secondary packaging).

Present on the strategic North African market with three branches headed by SACMI North Africa, the company will also be at Djazagro to highlight its capacity to provide customers with close support and dedicated solutions right from the design stage. Indeed, further support is provided by the SACMI Customer Service Division, with an advanced software package ensuring customers can count on daily assistance - also remotely - from a specialised SACMI technician. Visit the Group stand (CT F 065) at Djazagro 2019. SACMI, leading the way, worldwide.
(Sacmi Imola S.C.)

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SACMI heads for Upakovka 2019 to reinforce its leadership on the Russian market  (Company news)

Drawing on a vast product range - spanning from compression presses to a comprehensive set of bottling solutions - key industry players have installed dozens of lines.

SACMI has strengthened its leadership in Russia, one of the world's largest, most dynamic packaging&processing markets. Over 50 CCM presses have been sold to key plastic-closures players, underscoring the outstanding reliability of a technology that offers high performance and the lowest running costs on the market.

This technology and much more besides will soon be showcased at Upakovka-Interplastica, Russia's number one packaging&processing technology fair, set to take place at the Expocenter Trade Fairground in Moscow from 29 January to 2 February 2019.

Thanks to a far-reaching presence in the country (SACMI has been operating in Russia for decades through its liaison office and SACMI MOSCOW branch), the Group will be attending the fair with the aim of illustrating its technology which, together with CCM presses, provides complete solutions and plants for preform production, stretch-blow moulding, filling and labelling.

Being one of just a handful of competitors on the planet capable of providing a high-level response for all stages of beverage production, SACMI offers numerous advantages. Customers can count not just on the benefits of a sole, reliable, skilful provider who ensures close support right from the design phase, but also on the integrated plant engineering that SACMI sees as pivotal to the attainment of greater efficiency on the consumption, logistics and quality fronts.

A broad selection of inspection systems can be installed across the entire machine range, ensuring total quality control. What's more, SACMI supplies customers with further added value through its Customer Service Division (e.g. advanced software featuring a cutting-edge teleassistance system that provides customers with support from a specialised SACMI technician, anywhere in the world, any time).

We look forward to seeing you at the SACMI stand (FO C 59). The SACMI Moscow team will be there to show you all the latest.
(Sacmi Imola S.C.)

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Sacmi CHS360 - setting the global standard for tall aluminium cap inspection  (Company news)

Another four solutions were recently supplied to wine closure companies in Australia and Chile, with outstanding new machine features ensuring total quality control of such caps

Already a world-beating solution for in-line inspection of plastic and metal caps, the Sacmi CHS360 is steadily winning over customers in the wine sector too. No less than four such solutions have recently been sold for the inspection of tall aluminium caps, an ever-more popular closure in the wine industry as it provides better sealing performance than standard corks.

The customers included two Chilean firms. The first, the branch of a major US multinational, installed and started up the new system a short time ago. The second, a local firm with 40 years' experience in metal cap manufacturing, was provided with 2 different machines. In Australia instead, the system was purchased by a leading Victoria-based producer of caps and crown corks for wine and beer products.

Note that the Sacmi CHS360 configured for the inspection of tall aluminium caps has recently been enhanced with new features, including 2 cameras (instead of just one) with dedicated lighting to improve inspection of the seal. A further camera was incorporated to inspect decoration: able to capture 2 images in mere micro-seconds, it improves system sensitivity in detecting scratches and dents (in this case too, the illuminator plays a key role) by assessing reflections from the bottom of the cap, generally coloured gold or silver.

Lastly, 4 lateral cameras inspect the decoration and anti-tamper band, bringing the total number of high resolution image capture devices to seven. Operating at up to 1000 caps per minute, the CHS360 module sets the industry standard thanks to high speed, precision inspection, now enhanced even further by the new features for this specific configuration.

For the two Chilean companies, this is their first experience with Sacmi inspection solutions. For the Australian customer, instead, this is a follow-up order to a recently purchased CHS solution for crown caps, another key area for this company.
(Sacmi Imola S.C.)

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Alessandro Paini is the new General Manager of the Sacmi Beverage Division  (Company news)

Picture: Alessandro Paini

With extensive international experience in product development and global sales coordination, Mr. Paini takes over from Vezio Bernardi, who now goes on to head the Group's Closures & Containers Division

Alessandro Paini is the new General Manager of Sacmi Beverage, the company Division that, since 2009, has covered all areas concerning the design and manufacture of machines and complete plants for beverage packaging. A mechanical engineer - and previously a key figure in a leading international Group that designs in-PET liquid packaging solutions - Mr. Paini has extensive Product Management experience, his past duties ranging from coordination of R&D and global product portfolio management to development and implementation of new sales strategies.

The new Sacmi Beverage General Manager takes over from Vezio Bernardi, who led the Division for nearly five years. During that time the Division strengthened its role as global partner to the industry (thanks to a far-sighted policy of horizontal and vertical integration among Sacmi Group providers of packaging-beverage solutions) while exploring new business avenues, as exemplified by the recent takeover of Defranceschi Italia, intended to ensure solid, all-round Group positioning in the wine-making sector.

With the arrival of Alessandro Paini, who officially took over as head of the Beverage Division on Monday 10th July 2017, Vezio Bernardi now moves on to head Sacmi's other packaging 'pillar', the Closures & Containers Division; the latter, via which the Sacmi Group is the world's leading provider of beverage closure manufacturing machines, is ever-more focused on integrating the various stages of container production, from preform to bottle.

Also facing a new challenge is Giuseppe Lesce. Currently General Manager of the Closures&Containers Division, Mr. Lesce shall soon be taking over as General Manager of the newly-formed Customer Services Division, a unit that Sacmi has established to coordinate the SACMI network and develop aftermarket services for all Group businesses and Divisions. The challenge is to link the various Business Units by supplying excellent training, technical assistance, spare parts, overhauls and maintenance engineering and, more generally, comprehensive customer care services that also focus on Industry 4.0.
(Sacmi Imola S.C.)

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Sacmi takes over Defranceschi. And launches the idea of the "turnkey winery"  (Company news)

Long-standing international wine-making machine and plant manufacturing brand with production facilities in Mordano (BO, Italy) purchased by auction.

The Sacmi brand “turnkey” winery will soon be a reality. This is the outlook following the purchase of the Defranceschi Spa brand (a historic oenology machine/plant designer and marketer) with headquarters in Laives (Bolzano) and production facilities in Mordano (Bologna), just 5 km from Sacmi Imola, its new parent company and that of the world-leading Sacmi industrial engineering group.

Until yesterday Defranceschi was the symbol of another piece of Italian industrial history swept away by the economic crisis (Defranceschi had filed for bankruptcy in January). But now, thanks to the Sacmi Group, the company has been put back on its feet in record time: the Sacmi Group, in fact, is already a leading force in the wine-making industry (and a provider of labellers, filling and end-of-line solutions). “Already, for some years now”, explains Vezio Bernardi, General Manager of Sacmi Beverage and ‘director’ of the entire operation, “we’ve been developing and consolidating complete bottling lines for soft drinks, traditionally referred to as ‘the PET world’. The outstanding competitiveness and maturity of this market has led to the development of top-flight technical and logistical know-how which is particularly suitable for transfer to allied industries”.

“Above all”, points out Vezio Bernardi, “the operation proved to be extremely smooth from a financial standpoint. The purchase of the property in Mordano (the auction closed at just under 2.7 million euro) and the adjoining land suitable for building was, in itself, more than worth the price, without even taking into account the equipment, which was in excellent condition and immediately made available to us”. However, the point of the takeover goes much further: “On the one hand, to interface those industry-related skills and solutions already developed by Sacmi (from BAG-IN-BOX to labellers, from filling to labelling) with this new acquisition and, on the other, to extend the product range to provide fully comprehensive wine-making solutions, from grape presses to stalk removers, from storage tanks to raw material and finished product quality control equipment”.
(Sacmi Imola S.C.)

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Sacmi Group: another record result in 2015  (Company news)

Sales totalling 1.354 billion euro and greater than expected performance in all the main business areas.

With sales of 1.354 billion euro and a net result higher than that of the previous year by some 3 million euro, Sacmi has, for the second year running, posted one of the best results in its long history. This, then, is what emerges from the Annual Report 2015, approved on 14th May by the cooperative members’ meeting. “Like its parent company Sacmi Imola, the Sacmi Group closes the year with a result that decidedly improves on both the budget forecast and the previous year's performance”, points out the President of Sacmi, Paolo Mongardi.

The year 2015 was also characterised by the positive effects of the special transactions completed in previous years, These included, for example, the sell-off of Negri Bossi and the acquisition of shares in Cosmec, Cmc, Eurofilter, Mectiles and B&B, plus the recent 100% takeover of C&M Holding. These operations have already yielded better than expected results and are likely to generate further positive effects for several years.

At individual business-market level, performance has been driven by the strategies of both Ceramics and Packaging-Beverage. More specifically, the Group’s German firms achieved particularly good results: Riedhammer's performance is noteworthy as it has, alongside its more traditional business areas, increased its market share in the special ceramic kiln sector (doing so in synergy with Sacmi Imola’s Special Pressings Division) while Sama put the seal on its 20th year of doing business by inaugurating a new facility (tableware lab) and renewing corporate organisation.

On the Ceramics front, 2015 also saw Sacmi complete a 100% takeover of Intesa (glazing lines and digital printing machines) and the year proved to be a positive one for Sacmi Forni thanks, in particular, to innovative large slab firing solutions (EKO kilns). These results go hand in hand with the growing success of the Continua+ line and, reveals General Manager Pietro Cassani, “lead in the direction of further investment in ever-newer market solutions that, on one hand, focus on product quality and manufacturing versatility and, on the other, lower consumption and emissions; such solutions are designed to combine efficiency and flexibility as part of a broader goal of helping customers create the ‘smart factory’.

Environmentally sustainable development, the creation of shared value for employees, cooperative members, customers and stakeholders. This, then, is the Sacmi business model, comments President Paolo Mongardi, a model founded on the positive values of the Italian cooperative movement, the ultimate goal of which – as stated in our 2015 Sustainability Report – is the creation of wellbeing for the community, in keeping with the growing international sensitivity to environmental issues that Sacmi has already responded to with the H.E.R.O (High Efficiency Resource Optimizer) project which provides a series of energy-efficient technological innovations across the entire machine range.

On the international scene, nearly 90% of sales continue to be absorbed outside Italy, a figure in keeping with previous years. Sacmi has reaped the rewards of policies aimed at boosting synergy between Group companies on all the main markets and has been particularly attentive to investment in more promising nations (from Africa to the Far East, from the USA to South America). Manufacturing and sales policies were also aimed at ensuring the world’s individual areas make a balanced contribution to overall Group sales.
A key strategic decision in 2015 was that of establishing a new branch of Sacmi USA in Tennessee; recently inaugurated, this facility will provide after-sales support for key projects being implemented in the area by numerous Italian firms.

Similarly, the just-ended year demonstrated the soundness of the Beverage development plan, with unified management of the entire Packaging portfolio and reorganisation of design and after-sales services. Equally positive – upon final balance– were the results of the Group’s Latin American companies (Sacmi de Mexico and Sacmi do Brasil), while in Asia the growing dynamism of the Indian market – with excellent results from Sacmi Engineering India – have been counter-balanced by a slowdown of the Chinese market which Sacmi is responding to with ever-greater attentiveness to efficiency and costs. In any event, the Group’s presence in the Far East remains strategic as markets like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand become more and more important for all the sectors in which the Group operates.

Another defining feature of 2015 was the continuing development of the African market in the North (Egypt, Algeria and Morocco), in South Africa and especially in Central Africa, with direct investment also on the rise in non-traditional outlet markets. “A result achieved”, states the General Manager, “thanks to a far-sighted policy that has, in recent years, seen Sacmi set up new facilities and branches on the continent and develop a far-reaching assistance network to provide customers and markets with close local support”.

“Similarly to the parent company”, underlines Pietro Cassani, “the cooperative also had an excellent customer portfolio at the start of 2016 and further improvements in revenues and margins are anticipated; growth forecasts are particularly encouraging for the Closures and Beverage (Packaging) and Food Divisions. Of course, international macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainties will inevitably have an impact on Group results in certain areas. Yet we remain confident that - thanks to the daily commitment of a qualified managerial team and by focusing, as is the Sacmi tradition, on innovation and quality - all our goals can be achieved successfully”. The year 2016 will also see Sacmi head decisively in the direction of Industry 4.0, the ‘factory of the future’ where the real ‘physical’ world of machines and ‘virtual’ digitalization merge. Industry 4.0 is the internet of things and services, where complete process integration and control are combined with just-in-time production, where advanced plant sensors, automated order management systems and fast prototyping services make up a single fully integrated process, the hub of which is data and, therefore, the new professions capable of managing and controlling it. Alongside the process revolution, then, Sacmi also aims to found, at the Imola-based parent company, an ‘Academy 4.0’ dedicated to training our own, customers’ and partners’ human resources”.

Buoyed by these positive economic results, adds Sacmi’s President, Paolo Mongardi “the cooperative shall continue investing in research to provide markets, over the coming years, with innovative solutions that offer ever-better, customer-focused product and service quality. We shall also continue our commitment to cooperative values and solidarity, both nationally and internationally. Again in 2015, considerable resources were ploughed back into improving quality of life within the local community by investing in health, culture and various youth training schemes; to this we can also add the over 14,000 training hours for partners, 359 man-days of design and testing on customers’ premises and a daily commitment to health and safety in the workplace that – thanks also to new technology – places enormous emphasis on people and skills. Ever since its founding, the Sacmi Group has nurtured these core values, making them the foundation of success in this new millennium”.
(Sacmi Imola S.C.)

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Sacmi 'Total integration' for the beverage supply chain in the 'Food & Beverage Plastic Day'  (Company news)

Appointment on 15 September 2015 in Sacmi, Imola with a day dedicated to the technological solutions and integrated plants for the beverage industry, in the name of productivity, versatility and energy saving.

Extremely dynamic and competitive, the beverage industry is continuously seeking solutions that can combine productivity and efficiency to flexibility and versatility of the machines, to respond in real time to the requirements of the market, all accompanied by a pressing and constant requirement for optimisation of consumptions and costs.

Sacmi, the only global player capable of proposing integrated cap-preform-bottle solutions, next 15 September 2015 promotes the first "Food & Beverage Plastic Day", to illustrate to the specialised operators project H.E.R.O. (High Efficiency Resource Optimisation) applied to the beverage supply chain.

From integration between blowing and filling to the compression presses for the production of caps, Sacmi takes the opportunity of the first Food & Beverage Plastic Day to display to the operators the latest development of the IPS (Injection Preform Moulding) range, IPS400, the machine for the production of preforms designed to handle moulds up to 128 cavities. Characterised by the lowest cycle times in the industry, IPS 400 backs up, to the recognised advantages of the previous range, significant innovations such as the automated unloading of the preform system, the different circuitry inside the plasticising unit - to guarantee the best quality of the PET - and the particular configuration of the cooling station of the preforms, where the kinetic energy of the gripper plate is recovered, in the deceleration stage, and reconverted into electrical energy.

Also in this case, Sacmi accompanies the technological innovation with a complete proposal from the point of view of process integration: Sacmi CPB LINK is the new high automation dynamic buffer that enables the integration of production of caps and preforms in the bottling line, in view of energy savings (H.E.R.O.) and logistics, while increasing at the same time the hygienic safety of the process.

Among the focuses of the day of work, there are also the developments of the Colora Cap system for high definition digital press, of caps and closures, now usable, after years of developments and researches, even on coloured caps. The fast loading of graphic files and the instant quick change of images makes the system suitable for the decoration of capsules for promotional campaigns, events and award ceremonies.

To complete the picture, the CBF (Compression Blow Forming) technology, studied in view of the green packaging, that is, reduction of weights – at equal performance – of containers up to 500 ml for the dairy industry, and the solutions for inspection developed for the different businesses, machines and plant solutions of the Group.

The day of work - followed by a gala dinner - will end with a visit to the R&S Beverage laboratory, where are developed and tested by Sacmi the solutions later industrialised and proposed to the market. A certified structure by the top global players in the beverage chain industry, capable to accompany the customer right from the design stage by combining the guarantee on the final result to the high capacity of customisation of solutions, in line with the most modern and diversified needs of the customer and the market.
(Sacmi Imola S.C.)

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Sacmi makes 2014 one of the best years  (Company news)

Sales of over 1.2 billion and a net worth of over 660 million euro.

“We’re convinced that manufacturing in Italy provides real value, and believe it to be both a possibility and a duty for all businesses in our country”, stated the President of Sacmi Imola, Paolo Mongardi, as he commented on the cooperative’s 2014 annual report, one of the best in its entire history and an improvement on last year’s result both economically and financially.

With consolidated sales firmly above 1.2 billion euro, the net worth of the cooperative at over 660 million and a global workforce numbering almost 4,000, Sacmi is reaping the rewards of a dual effort: high investment in research and technological innovation – over 20 million euro once again in 2014 – and a strong focus on working alongside customers in international markets, acting not just as a supplier of machines and services but as a true global partner in the plant engineering field: “The international economic outlook”, President Paolo Mongardi reminds us, “remains complex, especially in certain geographical areas. Despite this, the cooperative has achieved outstanding results in terms of both volumes and profits, improving its business and industrial position on both consolidated markets and emerging ones”.

The backdrop to 2014, now confirmed as one of the best years in the cooperative’s long history, comments general Manager Pietro Cassani, consisted of “a policy of carefully targeted sell-offs and takeovers (e.g. Cosmec, Cmc, Eurofilter) and a concentration of resources in ‘core’ sectors (ceramics, packaging, automation), plus major investments at the Imola site where the number of employees has now climbed to 1,085, with over 120 new hires since 2011”.

Although a decidedly international enterprise – Sacmi makes over 88% of its sales outside Italy – the Group has kept its technological and manufacturing heart firmly in Italy: “Doing business in a globalised, highly competitive world”, explains President Paolo Mongardi, “has made it necessary not just to set up a far-reaching sales organisation but also to establish production facilities abroad, such as the Indian plant in Sanand, inaugurated earlier this year”. The overriding goal, however, points out Mr. Mongardi, is “to produce only that needed to cope with the aggressive stance of our main competitors and, therefore, defend our leadership in traditional business areas so we can continue to develop facilities and invest in Italy”. In short, underscores Sacmi’s President, the mission is one of “localisation not re-localisation, maintaining high added-value output in Italian and German firms”.

A look at the individual business sectors begins with the outstanding performance of Ceramics, the cooperative’s long-standing business that, in 2014, achieved further growth in terms of both volumes (5%) and profit margins thanks to new products that were near-immediately successful (from the Continua+ large slab production line, presented at Tecnargilla 2014, to the flexible Eko Sort and Eko Wrap stacking and packaging systems and the AVI high pressure casting solutions). The year also saw extraordinary expansion of the Special Pressing sector (machines for manufacturing refractory ceramic, pressing metallic powders and metal drawing), with sales – following the takeover of Bologna-based firm Matrix – now in excess of 15 million euro.

In 2014 the Closures sector focussed on the development of further solutions for the manufacture of ever-thinner, higher-performing caps, while the Beverage sector achieved growth, in terms of volumes, of no less than 30%, the result of a decisive investment policy that, in 2014, established centralised sales management and saw completion of major technological projects on injection presses (IPS). Then, there is Tableware, a business, reveals Pietro Cassani, that has produced “surprising” results: once again, this stems from the Group’s efforts to operate as close as possible to target markets (hence the decision to open new branches in Morocco, Kenya and South Africa).

And those who deemed the sell-off of Negri Bossi to an American firm during 2014 as an evident withdrawal from the Plastic business were very much mistaken: “The Plastic business” explains General Manager, Pietro Cassani, “has not only not disappeared from the Sacmi balance sheet but has, rather, actually increased its volumes and margins considerably by focussing on production of the high-tonnage Bi-Power hydraulic presses for which Sacmi remains the sole provider to that same Negri Bossi”.

Lastly, Automation&Service has repeated the results achieved in 2013 with its “total quality control” solutions, sold worldwide from China to Mexico, from Taiwan to Spain and Italy. This sector is a strategic one for the entire Group as it is involved in developing process automation solutions, true “mechatronic systems” that add considerable value to an all-round plant engineering range that spans from raw material processing to end-of-line solutions.

Now with 70 subsidiaries - that, points out President Paolo Mongardi, “contribute positively and often decisively to the overall result” - the Sacmi Group has, with these figures, put the seal on the cooperative’s 95th year in the best way possible. The results are a satisfying follow-up to the Open Day held on 2nd December when over 4,000 people visited the Imola plant and the Sacmi Museum.

So what lies in store for 2015? The initial data, reveals General Manager Pietro Cassani, already looks highly encouraging, “thanks to an excellent portfolio across all the Divisions and high sales levels”. Cassani goes on to hypothesise “further increases in the budget, which will be accompanied by every possible effort to implement further innovation on the organisational front”. In short, that will mean testing and developing new products at even faster rates to ensure we stay one step ahead of the market and the competitors.
(Sacmi Imola S.C.)

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