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News - KHS USA, US Corporate Headquarters

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First one then two - Two block systems for Silver Springs and RealPure Bottling  (Company news)

Kane Richmond was so pleased with his first KHS InnoPET TriBlock in Mississippi that he immediately procured a second one for his plant in Florida. The stretch blow molder/labeler/filler block is part of what’s now the family business’ eleventh KHS line and marks a new high point in their long-term partnership with KHS.

Photo: The Silver Springs facility in Ocala in the heart of Florida is the Richmonds’ control center: from here they also manage three other water bottling plants.

The Richmonds from Florida are real pioneers: when in 1991 Karl and his wife Margaret acquired the Silver Springs Bottled Water Company, founded six years previously in Ocala, Florida, bottled water in the United States was still a total niche market. The Richmonds firmly believed in the future potential of Nature’s very own thirst-quencher, however – at a time when the favored refreshment of the regular consumer in the land of Pepsi and Coke was the sweetened soda pop. The couple’s boldness was rewarded: water may not have topped sugary soft drinks in popularity in the USA until 2016 yet in the many years en route to this success the Richmonds have enjoyed growth rates of 20% and more. Where at the outset they managed to meet demand with just six employees, in the meantime several hundred people work for the com pany at its now four sites dotted along the east coast. The business keeps the whole family busy: father Karl turns up for work every day despite his grand age of 85 and sons Kirk, Keith and Kane share the tasks of executive management and responsibility for the various production facilities. With grandsons Kiel and Mason the third generation of the family has also long been bottling water, with them now running one of the biggest independent bottling operations in the United States.

Technical foresight
The Richmonds’ instinct for market opportunities isn’t the only factor which has paved the way for their success; they have also demonstrated plenty of technical foresight and been lucky in their choice of reliable partners. “Our companies have been working very closely together for almost 20 years,” says Alcides Vieira, Vice President of Sales & Marketing KHS USA, when describing the strong relationship the two businesses have. He’s had close ties to the Richmonds since working for packaging specialists Kisters which became an important part of the Dortmund engineering company in 2005. “For as long as we’ve known each other, the Richmonds have always been among the very first to opt for our new technologies. In 2008, for instance, they invested in KHS’ latest InnoPET BloFill stretch blow molder/filler block. And in 2017 they were the first to commission the KHS InnoPET TriBlock with a labeler integrated between the stretch blow molder and filler.” Besides a certain amount of the aforementioned pioneering spirit, this also requires a high degree of trust on the part of the customer – and a convincing performance by the line supplier.

This is confirmed by Kane Richmond, CEO of Silver Springs. “We of course work in a people’s business where mutual trust and long-term relations play a central role. What we especially value in KHS above and beyond this, however, is their absolute determination to innovate and their flexibility in finding solutions when special challenges sometimes have to be met.”

First skeptical, then convinced
This often goes hand in hand with the launch of new technologies. This was also true of the installation of the first InnoPET TriBlock at the RealPure Bottling Company in Magee, Mississippi, acquired by the family in 2017. The new pre-glued method used here prevents open bottles from coming into contact with hot melt vapors as in conventional labeling as the prepared labels are already coated in adhesive. The operators were at first skeptical of the new process yet were quickly convinced by the stable procedure –and by the fact that there was no longer any need for regular maintenance involving the arduous removal of residue adhesive. Any workforce is ultimately pleased with innovations which make their work easier.

Kane Richmond of course also has the key eco nomic figures in focus, such as his return on investment and overall operating costs. “Every cent counts – especially for us as a supplier to the major sales markets,” he emphasizes. “And for a company which produces 24/7 our priority is how reliably the system can be operated with the least cost and effort. In this respect all of our KHS lines are distinguished by their enormously high degree of availability.”

This also considerably eases the work of plant man ager John Bickerstaff who for 13 years now has worked for the RealPure Bottling Company founded in 1917. “The labeling process is a composite part of the TriBlock and must run at the absolute highest level of availability, effectiveness and quality,” he states. “Also regarding ease of maintenance and production reliability along the entire line we’ve had top results right from day one with the pre-glued technology.” He puts this down not just to the innovative labeling method but also primarily to the continuous neck handling of the lightweight bottles which protects them from mechanical stress during production.

Lightweighting record
The Richmonds are also eager to attain further pioneering status when it comes to sustainability. One of their chief concerns is that they reduce their bottle weights and thus the amount of PET used. “With the help of the experts from KHS’ Bottles & ShapesTM program and our preform manufacturer Plastipak we’re setting a new lightweighting record with practically every new product we introduce,” smiles Kane Richmond. “In Magee we’ve been using 500-milliliter PET bottles which weigh just 7.8 grams since 2017 and on the brand new TriBlock in Ocala the containers only clock up seven grams on the scales.” Kane admits that with a recycling rate of a mere 30% the USA is no trailblazer when it comes to cutting down on plastic waste. However, the growing health awareness of his fellow countrymen and women, who are turning to bottled water with ever greater frequency, is being echoed by an increased sensitivity to the issue of sustainability. Of this he is convinced. He even suspects that the recycling rate among people who buy water is already much higher than among those who purchase sweetened beverages. At his company Kane does what he can. This includes recycling his own PET waste – where he’s soon to achieve a quota of 100%.

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Compact, efficient, high-performance engineering: KHS exhibits systems at the ...  (Company news)

... Craft Brewers Conference

Picture:Innofill Can C: growing interest in the system has prompted KHS to engineer a new machine size with 27 filling valves and six seaming stations for the production of formats holding between 150 milliliters and one liter. This boosts the filling capacity for 330-milliliter cans, for instance, from 15,600 to 20,100 per hour.

- Premiere of the new Innopro Craft CIP Skid cleaning system
- Further developed Innofill Can C can filler has greater capacity
- Tailored to craft breweries and smaller beverage producers

Innovative high-performance engineering for the low-capacity range: KHS USA, Inc. will be presenting its compact and efficient systems at this year’s BrewExpo America® which is staged as part of the Craft Brewers Conference. KHS’ main emphasis at the trade show will be on the tried-and tested Innofill Can C can filler and the fully automatic Innopro Craft CIP Skid cleaning system. KHS will be exhibiting at Booth #16033 from April 8-11, 2019.

With the development of its Innopro Craft CIP Skid KHS provides a new system for the supply of rinsing and cleaning media to its can, bottle or keg fillers. “This CIP system is perfectly tailored to the requirements of the lowest capacity range,” states Rick Feuling, product manager of Filling and Process Technology at KHS USA, Inc. It has an automatic recipe setting option. Around 230 liters of caustic a minute can be produced to sanitize system piping and fillers with a maximum of 60 valves. The Innopro Craft CIP Skid also contains a fully automatic CIP media heating system, including chemicals dosing at the appropriate recipe-controlled concentration. This shortens cleaning processes and makes them safer and simpler. “With this effective and flexible system beverage producers also save on resources such as water and energy during operation,” states Feuling.

Innofill Can C can filler with greater capacity
The further developed version of the Innofill Can C can filler will also be spotlighted at BrewExpo America®. Growing interest in the system has prompted KHS to engineer a new machine size with 27 filling valves and six seaming stations for the production of formats holding between 150 milliliters and one liter. This boosts the filling capacity for 330-milliliter cans, for instance, from 15,600 to 20,100 per hour. Suitable for both the beer and CSD markets, not only are the can filler’s technology and compact design convincing but also its fast installation time. As the filling and seaming stations, valve manifold, cladding and control cabinet on the Innofill Can C form an enclosed, ready-to-produce machine unit, all that has to be done during installation is to connect up the electrical cables, piping and conveyors. “Multiple reference projects realized on this market prove that KHS plant engineering has customers convinced. In addition to the growing number of craft brewers, medium-sized breweries are also asking for a cost-efficient variant for the medium-capacity range,” emphasizes Feuling.

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Flexible and compact: KHS systems at the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville, TN  (Company news)

KHS USA, Inc. will be presenting its compact, efficient systems at this year’s BrewExpo America® which is staged as part of the Craft Brewers Conference. The machinery has been specially designed for small and medium-sized breweries, with operators profiting from the tried-and-tested technology of the system supplier’s high-performance plant equipment. The trade show focus will be on the Innofill Can C (photo), a compact volumetric can filler which outputs 10,000 to 40,000 cans per hour. KHS will be exhibiting at Booth #1044 from May 1–3, 2018.

Craft beer continues to triumph worldwide, with the United States pioneers in this sector. KHS USA, Inc. has provided brewers with systems tailored to their specific requirements since the very start of the craft beer movement. Thanks to its 150 years of experience and established high-performance filling and packaging technology the manufacturer is able to satisfy the special demands made of quality and reliability in this field.

Keg filler for various capacity ranges
The CombiKeg R5 processes kegs with a volume of between seven and 58 liters – from internal and external washing through filling to conveying and on-board media tanks. It is therefore not just suitable for beer but also for soft drinks and wine.

For breweries which require a compact, semi-automatic system, keg washing and filling technology is available in the form of the Innokeg AF1-C1 which outputs up to 35 returnable and non-returnable kegs every 60 minutes.

Can filler for craft brewers
The filling and packaging technology specialist will also be exhibiting its Innofill Can C at the upcoming trade show; this produces between 10,000 and 40,000 volumetrically filled cans an hour. The compact combination of filler and seamer is manufactured as a plug-and-produce system at the local KHS factory and can thus be commissioned without the need for elaborate installation.

In addition to its show exhibits the KHS portfolio includes further machines for the reliable and flexible filling and packaging of beer and other beverages. The flexible Innofill Can DVD can filler for up to 132,000 cans per hour is just one of many examples. A dense network of local KHS employees ensures that the machinery is appropriately serviced and maintained.
(KHS USA Inc.)

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KHS exhibits extended PET portfolio at NPE2018 in Orlando  (Company news)

Picture: White wine in a FreshSafe PET® bottle - Sensitive products can also be filled into transparent plastic packaging thanks to KHS’ FreshSafe PET® coating method

Extremely light single-serve formats, wide-neck and oval packaging solutions and powerful, compact machines.

- Wide-neck containers and oval packaging solutions
- FreshSafe PET® coating method for optimum protection
- Extremely light PET bottle for still water

Extremely light single-serve formats, wide-neck and oval packaging solutions and powerful, compact machines: from May 7–11, 2018, the KHS Group will be presenting its extended PET portfolio at Booth S12045 at the NPE Plastics Show in Orlando, Florida.

“A clear trend can be detected within the beverage industry," says Frank Haesendonckx, head of Sales and Technology at KHS Corpoplast in Hamburg, Germany. “The demand for single-serve packs holding between 250 and 800 millimeters is on the rise. We’ve thus developed a new version of our tried-and-tested InnoPET Blomax stretch blow molder especially for this segment.” The system is more compact and at the same time more powerful. The central new feature are its small mold carriers which enable up to 2,500 containers per hour and station to be manufactured.

The stretch blow molder is available as a modular design. Depending on user requirements it can be blocked with other KHS systems – such as the Innosept Asbofill for the hygienic filling of sensitive products, for instance. The new KHS chunk dosing unit for flexible product design can also be integrated into the system. This permits fruit, vegetables or cereals up to 10 x 10 x 10 millimeters in size to be added. “We’re vastly expanding the application options and are thus supplying systems for new markets,” claims Haesendonckx.

At NPE2018 KHS will also be presenting its extremely light packaging solutions. The Dortmund systems provider expects its Factor 100 0.5-liter PET bottle for still water to attract plenty of attention. With its expertise in lightweighting KHS offers its customers holistic consultancy from the design through the technical engineering to the production of their PET bottles. This produces individual containers tailored to suit the required functionality and load. “This allows users to make vast savings in materials while providing the best possible bottle stability,” states Haesendonckx.

Extremely precise neck handling
Further developments as regards preferential heating will also be in focus at the trade show. This setup enables the production of oval containers with an efficient distribution of materials and wide-neck containers with openings measuring up to 70 millimeters and permits extremely precise neck handling – while ensuring a high bottle quality and low energy consumption in the stretch blow molding process. “Wide-neck systems and special packaging forms are also gaining in significance,” explains Haesendonckx. The reason for this lies in the known advantages over glass: unbreakability, a lower weight and the option of inline production, as containers no longer have to be supplied to the plant but can be produced on site.

Optimum protection for sensitive products
Another KHS development which will be on show is FreshSafe PET®. This gives sensitive juices and carbonated soft drinks perfect protection by covering the inside wall of the PET container with a wafer-thin layer of silicon oxide (SiOx). “With our innovative barrier technology beverages have a shelf life which is comparable to those bottled in glass,” says Haesendonckx. This coating method also protects sensitive foods such as tomato sauce, fruit and vegetables – even in transparent PET containers.

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