News - P.E. Labellers S.p.A., Pro Mach Group

News - P.E. Labellers S.p.A., Pro Mach Group

P.E. Labellers S.p.A., Pro Mach Group

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News - P.E. Labellers S.p.A., Pro Mach Group

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Pro Mach Strengthens Decorative Labeling Capabilities with Acquisition of P.E. Labellers  (Company news)

Integrated packaging solutions leader Pro Mach, Inc. announced it has acquired global high-speed labeling solutions provider P.E. Labellers SpA. The addition of Italy-based P.E. Labellers expands Pro Mach’s capabilities to provide high-speed decorative labeling and integrated solutions worldwide. All global subsidiaries and management teams of P.E. Labellers join the Pro Mach team.

P.E. Labellers has been a technology leader in automatic high-speed rotary and linear labeling equipment for more than 40 years and provides a wide range of innovative labelers and solutions for consumer and industrial packaged goods companies from more than 10 facilities worldwide. P.E. Labellers’ solutions are completely modular and include self-adhesive, hot melt, cold glue, roll-fed, and sleeve labeling technologies. Full modularity and a universal machine body give users flexibility to easily install and swap different labeling systems depending on need and production environment. P.E. Labellers’ innovative ADHESLEEVE technology, which uses pre-glued films, has received industry-wide acclaim for its reliability, efficiency, sanitary design, and overall environmental friendliness, as well as reduction of costs and downtime. P.E. Labellers has more than 10,000 rotary and linear labelers installed worldwide.

“We’re pleased to welcome P.E. Labellers founder Bruno Negri and his global team to Pro Mach,” says Mark Anderson (photo), Pro Mach President and CEO. “With the addition of P.E. Labellers, Pro Mach now has a very complete labeling solutions portfolio for almost any customer. Along with our other industry leading brands NJM Packaging, Weiler Labeling Systems, Axon, EPI Labelers, and ID Technology we now have a full-range of primary, secondary, and tertiary labeling solutions for virtually any application, including high-speed production lines, custom packaging, e-commerce, and complex pharmaceutical requirements.”

Bruno Negri, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of P.E. Labellers, along with Nicola Schinelli, Vice Chairman of P.E. Labellers, will continue to lead the P.E. Labellers team, spanning over 400 employees across the world.

“Pro Mach and P.E. Labellers bring together a great deal of experience and success in complementary and diverse markets,” says Mr. Negri. “Together we have many outstanding opportunities to better serve our mutual customers and introduce new ones to some of the packaging industry’s most innovative solutions across the entire packaging line. We remain fully committed to providing the global marketplace with the best labeling technology and customer support and I firmly believe with Pro Mach we have the ideal partner to help us continue our tremendous growth. We share a common strategic vision for the long-term future and will be adding new facilities to help us continue our focus and commitment to actively improving our already exceptional quality and service. I very much look forward to continuing to lead the P.E. Labellers team as we enter the next chapter of our story.”

Pro Mach has grown rapidly into a leading single-source provider of high-performance packaging lines and integrated solutions. It continues to add complementary packaging and processing machinery solutions and engineering services to advance its integrated systems capabilities worldwide. Since 2010, Pro Mach’s installed base of machinery solutions has more than doubled and sales outside of the United States have more than tripled. Pro Mach supports a global customer base with operations in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. With more than 30 equipment brands sold around the world, Pro Mach continues to look at opportunities in global markets to strengthen its position as the preferred supplier of complete high-performance packaging lines.

“Many of our global customers want a single source provider of machinery solutions and integrated systems that will help them simplify line development, achieve optimum performance, reduce risks, and better manage costs,” says Barry Heiser, Pro Mach President, Global Filler and Integrated Solutions. “The core keystone systems that many of our high production customers want to integrate first are filling, capping, and labeling. The addition of P.E. Labellers advances our high-speed capabilities and helps us better serve these customers worldwide.”
(Pro Mach Inc.)

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Demo version of the new Adhesleeve technology for high-performance bottling lines.
PET bottle tests on a running conveyor loop – Hall 4-Stand n. B001
The Roll Fed labelling machine as simple as an ADHESIVE one!

Adhesleeve technology introduces in the market of Roll-Fed machines 2 major innovations
1ST INNOVATION - elimination of the use of the hot melt with the following advantages:
 environmental: absence of fumes produced by heating the hot melt (to around 150°C);
 sanitary: it is no longer necessary to utilise solvents to clean the label application cylinder (having eliminated the hot melt no residual glue is left to clean)
 ecological: the absence of hot melt makes the label free from any contamination, so 100% recyclable, together with the bottle and the cap.

2nd INNOVATION - the label cut is no longer effected by fixed cutting blades interacting with rotary ones, in this way several BIG PROBLEMS have been easily solved:
 Adjustments: no necessity to adjust the cutting unit for various film thicknesses, considerable changes in the ambient temperature, no worn out blades etc.
 Replacements: it takes only 10 minutes (at most) to replace the cutting devices without tools or adjustments! The life of the new cutting devices is much longer than the classical cutting system;
 Efficiency: 100% elimination of production stops, potentially due to imperfect label cut, film stretching with consequent reduction of its thickness, different film thicknesses due to an excessive quantity of paint on a reel, etc. The new cutting devices do not require any servicing or adjustment. Films with thicknesses different from standard ones can be used.
ADHESLEEVE uses film thicknesses lower than the films that are normally used on classic Roll-Fed labellers and allows a “reduction of the label costs”

Among PE’s customers using ADHESLEEVE technology: Conserve Italia, Fonti Spinone-Spumador, Oleificio Zucchi, Kemeco – in Italy; abroad – Cisowianka, Senoble, Marlafekas, Laiterie Soummam, Aje Group.
EMBALLAGE – Paris (France)
November 22nd to 25th, 2010
Hall 4 – Stand B001 (P.E. Labellers S.p.A.)

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P.E. LABELLERS SPA - PACKOLOGY exhibition 8-11 June 2010 in Rimini - stand.045 hall A3

The application of self-adhesive labels has been highly progressing in the last few years.
Companies’ growing needs to apply brighter labels of greater value to their products push customers towards the adoption of this new technology.
Furthermore, self-adhesive labels offer undisputed operational and economic advantages, such as lower changeover and maintenance times.
For these reasons, P.E. has developed since quite a lot of time some of the most advanced self-adhesive labelling stations among those currently on the market.
The various models – 40 mt/min, 60 mt/min, 90 mt/min, 120 mt/min and 150 mt/min with patented drive head – feature a modular configuration allowing a better operational ergonomics.
The synchronization to the labeller carousel is fully automatic and very accurate, insomuch that, even during emergency stops, the containers being labelled, no rejection is produced in case of out-of-tolerance applications.
The need for adjustments to sensors and encoders has been completely eliminated and all the parameters can be adjusted from the control panel which allows to store up to 200 different labels.
Due to P.E.’s state-of-the-art technology and reliability in self-adhesive labelling, many customers of international stature have turned to P.E. to find solutions to their production issues.
P.E. can actually offer extremely flexible or sophisticated self-adhesive labelling machines suitable for speeds ranging from 2.000 bph to 60.000 bph. “No-Stop” versions, which eliminate line stops – featuring double labelling stations or automatic reel splicing – are also available.
MASTER labellers are furthermore prearranged for the installation of a centering system by means of cameras, according to capsule spots, notches, marks or glass weldings, allowing container orientation in definitely narrow spaces.
As on all the other models, changeovers are carried out quickly and without tools. (P.E. Labellers S.p.A.)

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