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Flying ink drops: printing 2000 products per minute  (Company news)

Label & Print 2018 in Zurich: Leibinger is presenting the JET3up industrial inkjet printer (Hall 4, Stand H14)

At a bottling plant, a mineral water bottle speeds along a conveyor belt moving at 36 km/h. A few milliseconds later, the best-before date appears as if by magic on the bottleneck. This is made possible by Leibinger’s JET3up industrial inkjet printer, which prints up to 2000 products per minute with flying drops of ink.

Photo: The JET3up in operation: the ink drops fly out of the print head, directly onto the product. They dry in less than a second.

Information such as best-before date, batch number and data matrix codes have become an integral part of most products. You can find the small letters and graphics on water bottles, milk cartons and beverage cans, on printed circuit boards for computers and on transparent medication packaging. If manufacturers call back batches, this information needs to be easy to read for consumers – smudged fonts cannot be tolerated by a manufacturer. The challenge is to guarantee imprint quality even at high line speeds.

The JET3up prints products that speed by at 36 km/h
At the Label & Print 2018 trade fair in Zurich (11.-12. April 2018), Leibinger will be showcasing the JET3up – an industrial inkjet printer that keeps up with belt speeds of 600 meters per minute. “The printer is fast enough to mark up to 2000 products per minute in passing,” explains Christina Leibinger, CEO of Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG. “In spite of these high belt speeds, an exceptionally good typeface quality is guaranteed."

The JET3up is used, for instance, in the food and beverage industry, in electronics and cable production, and in car manufacturing facilities. It can print not only up to five-line small fonts, but also graphics, barcodes and all common data matrix codes with a print height of up to 16 mm. Operation is via a 10.4” touchscreen that is as intuitive to use as a smartphone. If the user integrates the printer into the company network, he or she can control the machine from literally any point on the globe and monitor it with a PC, smartphone or tablet.

The principle of flying ink drops
The JET3up prints without having to touch any products. How is this possible? With a cylindrical print head mounted next to or above the conveyor belt – with which a head pipe of up to ten meters in length is connected to the hydraulic system in the printer housing. The heart of the so-called continuous-injection (CIJ) technology works inside the print head. 120,000 electrically charged ink drops per second shoot through a nozzle in the direction of a collecting tube. When printing, two deflection electrodes come into play. They change the trajectory of individual drops, so that they land as an image point or pixel on the product surface. The remaining drops fly into a catcher tube and circulate in the system.

Printing 160 million characters with one liter of ink
Non-contact printing always produces good results – with convex and concave, rough and smooth, flat and relief-like product surfaces alike. Smudging is ruled out since the ink dries on glass, plastic, metal, steel and wood in less than a second. The JET3up is also economical in consumption. One liter of ink is sufficient for printing up to 160 million characters.

Leibinger’s CIJ printers are considered to be the most reliable in the world. This is ensured, among other things, by Leibinger’s unique Sealtronic nozzle sealing system. “With many CIJ print heads, the nozzle and catcher tube remain open when the printer is out of service or in standby mode. The ink dries up, the nozzle clogs, so that the next time it starts up, it can lead to a diffuse spluttering or ink and an indistinct typeface,” explains Christina Leibinger. “This is not the case with Leibinger. With our patented Sealtronic sealing system, the catcher tube moves to the nozzle during production breaks and seals the system airtight. When re-starting, the typeface is instantly clear and stable – without cleaning and rinsing cycles, production starts again immediately. This is a must in any efficient production environment.”
(Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #32934

Fresh ideas for marking and coding beverages - Paul LEIBINGER showcases its smart solutions   (drinktec 2017) drinktec 2017

The German marking specialist Paul LEIBINGER is presenting its marking solutions for the beverage industry at the drinktec trade show in Munich from September 11 to 15, 2017. At Booth 506 in Hall B4, trade show visitors will be able to see for themselves the quality and reliability of the German-made industrial inkjet printers. They will get the chance to watch as samples they have brought with them are marked and coded live at the booth.

A reliable and flexible marking system is of central importance to the filling process, because bottles, cans and beverage cartons cannot be sold without an expiration or best before date. If a marking device fails, then the whole production line stops—a scenario that can be avoided. The continuous inkjet printers from the German company Paul LEIBINGER provide the reliability and flexibility that the beverage industry needs.

To ensure high reliability of the marking technology and prevent downtimes, all LEIBINGER inkjet printers are equipped with the automated Sealtronic nozzle seal. This keeps the ink from drying in the printhead, even during long pauses in production. Therefore, the printer is ready for use at any time, within a few seconds and without the need for rinsing before starting the printing process.

At the same time, the digital printing technology offers a variety of application options. For example, it is possible not only to print expiration dates and LOT numbers, but also to implement advertising campaigns with lottery codes and QR codes for customer loyalty. Thanks to the non-contact marking with fast-drying inks during ongoing production, it is possible to label all kinds of materials (glass, PET, metal, etc.) and surfaces (concave, convex, etc.) with individual dates in a matter of seconds.

LEIBINGER meets the stringent requirements for raw and wet production environments in the beverage industry with its JET3up PRO inkjet printer. This printer has a particularly rugged stainless steel housing with protection class IP65, which protects it against dust and spray water. With special inks for coding glass bottles and industry-specific software for printing promotion codes from a database, LEIBINGER provides a variety of solutions for specific needs of the beverage industry.

In addition to the inkjet printers, Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG offers a vision system for quality control of printed data. V-check automatically compares the marking applied to the product using a LEIBINGER inkjet printer against a reference sample and detects incorrect or incomplete data. The system is based on an image sensor and enables complete monitoring of elements that have been defined in advance, such as letters, numbers or logos. For customers who need a high-end solution in the area of verification, LEIBINGER's LKS 5 camera system is the right choice.
(Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #31856

The season of trade shows for LEIBINGER: The right marking solutions "made in Germany"  (Company news)

The family-owned German company Paul LEIBINGER is presenting the flexible possibilities of marking and coding with continuous inkjet technology at three major trade shows this fall. Suitable to the respective trade show, LEIBINGER is presenting the appropriate models of its JET3up and JET2neo printer series. The focus is on package marking and coding at FachPack, on the requirements for automated production at Motek, and marking and coding of plastic products is the topic of interest at K.

The LEIBINGER continuous inkjet printers can mark and code all possible materials and surfaces, including flat, concave, convex, structured or rough. The inkjet coders print fixed or variable data without contact, during ongoing production and with fast-drying inks. The printing allows the application of simple text segments, serial numbers, best before dates, various fonts, logos, all common barcodes and DataMatrix codes as well as PPN codes. In addition, the 800 standard integrated functions are ideal for optimally adapting the printers to any application situation.

The marking and coding possibilities of the LEIBINGER JET3up and JET2neo printers can be tested live at the trade show booths. Visitors can test printing onto samples they have brought along. Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG is presenting at the following trade shows:

FachPack in Nuremberg, from September 27th to 29th, 2016, in Hall 4 at Booth 433
Motek in Stuttgart, from October 10th to 13th, 2016, in Hall 7 at Booth 7407
K in Düsseldorf, from October 19th to 26th, 2016, in Hall 13 at Booth 13B37

The latest continuous inkjet printer from LEIBINGER is being presented at all three trade shows, with a special showing at K. The JET3up RAPID high-speed printer allows cables to be marked immediately after extrusion at up to 1000 m/min (60 km/h). The inkjet coder achieves never-before-seen speeds when marking and coding other products as well. The JET3up RAPID makes it possible to achieve up to 40% higher printing and production speeds. To achieve this, the high-speed printer has a much higher drop frequency, among other features. The JET3up RAPID also has printheads that are specially designed for high speeds. Three different variants are available that vary by the intended industry and application.

The automated Sealtronic nozzle seal prevents the ink in the printer from drying out even during long breaks in production and provides a key benefit to customers on all LEIBINGER small-character inkjet printers. During a machine stoppage, the gutter and the nozzle form an airtight circuit: No ink can leak out of the circuit and no air can get in. Even after long shut-down periods, the LEIBINGER printers are ready to print within one minute, without any cleaning cycles. In addition, the 800 standard integrated functions are ideal for optimally adapting the printers to any application situation.

The V-check vision system is another new innovation being presented at the trade shows. This product from LEIBINGER provides a simple and cost-effective option for quickly inspecting the product marking and coding applied by a JET3up or JET2neo. V-check compares elements with fixed definitions, such as characters, numbers or graphics, to a reference sample in advance automatically and detects incorrect or smeared printing. LEIBINGER is presenting a smart printing and monitoring system to trade show visitors with V-check. This system ensures product quality, increases customer satisfaction and reduces long-term costs.
(Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #26845

New printhead for LEIBINGER inkjet printers provides highest precision  (Company news)

Product labeling via inkjet technology for applications when an exact print position is necessary.

Picture: If “exact” is not precise enough - with LEIBINGERs new precision print head is labeling by an inkjet printer also for special applications possible where precise must be guaranteed. (Source: Paul LEIBINGER GmbH & Co. KG)

Highest precision is required for print applications in some production environment e.g. in the medical industry. Variable data which should be printed must applied with a repeatability of up to a tenth of a millimeter at the same spot. With a new precision print head LEIBINGERs small character inkjet printer JET3 can be used for labeling tasks where perfection must be guaranteed.

The precision print head guided absolutely precisely in the print head cover and fixed in the final position. This solution provides that the print head can be put back into exactly the same position in the cover, after removal of the print head. Thus, the print position is guaranteed with an accuracy of 0.1 millimeters.

With the development of the precision print head Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG has already won a well-known customer in the medical industry. In the past the continuous inkjet technology was not usable for special applications like this. Despite a high precision the required tolerances couldn't be achieved. Furthermore, the position of the print head could not be reconstructed at 100%, even if it had been removed. With the precision print head LEIBINGER now offers his customers a real added value.The precision solution for special printing requirements is available worldwide as an option to the basic equipment of the JET3 series.
(Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #25885

LEIBINGER JET2neo  (Company news)

The latest innovation of Leibinger is called JET2neo. With This new compact and sturdy Inkjet printer you can print up to 3 lines rows. Typically for a Leibinger printer drying of the ink in the print head is effectively prevented by the Leibinger nozzle seal “Sealtronic”.
The full color TFT Touch-display gives a perfect overview and makes operating a playful easy handling.
The Jet2neo is the perfect optimal choice for a multiplicity applications.
(Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #19993

LENservo – the future of high security numbering  (Company news)

Picture: By means of its revolutionary snap-lid mechanism, the numbering machine LENservo can be opened deftly, the entire set of wheels can be removed and cleaned while the electronical parts remain in the case.

Company Paul Leibinger has developed a new, revolutionary numbering system – the LENservo. It enables the flexible, lean banknote production by means of free programmable numbering sequences.

First systems are already successfully installed in banknote printing. Further fields of applications of these motor-driven systems are e. g. passports, shipping documents and lottery tickets.

LENservo with revolutionary snap-lid mechanism

Optimal dimensioned motors combined with latest, highly dynamical control-electronics and the compact measurements enable the use of LENservo for the sheet/WEB production of banknotes in current numbering presses.

One of the crucial advantages of LENservo is its revolutionary snap-lid mechanism. With it, the numbering machine can be opened deftly, the entire set of wheels can be removed and cleaned while the electronical parts remain in the case. By using this unique construction, the maintenance and set-up times can be reduced drastically. In addition to this, the compact construction of the LENservo minimizes clearance distances across and around the shaft.

Automatic take-over of starting numbers
In addition to this the new Leibinger numbering machine offers more: It enables e. g. the automatic take-over and setting of starting numbers. Seven motor-driven wheels that can be combined with additional figure wheels being manually adjustable.

Furthermore LENservo carries out automatic pre-inking with electronic control. It guarantess high lifetime due to the Leibinger know-how in choice of materials and in-house hardening-/coating process.

Due to the customized adaptations to all current printing machines the new Leibinger numbering machine is universally applicable.
(Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG)

Newsgrafik #16101

Leibinger: Change of the management board  (Company news)

Christina Leibinger has been appointed to the management board of the Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG. With this, the Tuttlingen, Germany, based producer of industrial inkjet printers and camera systems sends out a signal towards regeneration of the executive board. Miss Leibinger was registered as a further director with the entry in the commercial register of the municipal court Stuttgart.
She replaces Robert Lebherz, who was appointed to other tasks in the group of companies of Günther Leibinger. Authorized to represent managers of the Paul Leibinger GmbH are now Günther Leibinger, Christina Leibinger and Horst Schoch.
The appointment of Miss Leibinger is a sign of generations alternation. She was authorized to one of the three managers in the course of a succession plan by a shareholders’ meeting after 14 months of successful adjustment to the new job. Christina Leibinger studied economics at the university of Zurich with the emphasis on financial economics and put the risks of liquidity and transaction in financial markets in the center of her scientific studies. Here she examined, among others, the development of the Euro-moneymarket. After six years of very successful work as one of the managers of the Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG Robert Lebherz ended his job. He was responsible for the divisions development, production and distribution in the Tuttlingen based company. Apart from many other successes Mr. Lebherz was mainly involved in the development of the new generation of inkjet printers, camera systems and numbering machines. Under his leadership the camera system LKS 5 and the coninuous inkjet printer JET3 were developed and built, both are still sold very well by Leibinger. Robert Lebherz released important impulse on the optimizing of the production, the organisation of the company and the flow of materials. He e.g. had crucial influence on the operating procedure and the production planning. The Leibinger management wishes Mr. Lebherz all the best for his new employment.
(Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co. KG)

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