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The KATZ Group and Germany's doodling king Walter Hanel cooperate for more creativity

In times of Corona everyone is looking for ways to avoid boredom in the first place. An excellent employment opportunity is the doodle coaster - a game as varied and variable as creativity itself.

Doodling is better than you think - and makes you smarter than you thought. Science has given a name to the incidental drawings that are created in schools, lecture halls or meetings: Doodles. Psychologists from the University of Sydney equipped young people in psychotherapy with pen and paper. The result: scribbling reduces stress, promotes concentration and even brings out the unconscious.

Germany's doodling king is Walter Hanel. Since he found the German "Beer Coaster Queen" - The KATZ Group - nothing stands in the way of the triumphant procession of the doodle coaster as a game and also as an employment opportunity (if it is not to be the smartphone). The doodle coaster not only allows you to enjoy the benefits of doo-dling. According to Walter Hanel, it is also an ideal tool and toy for more creativity, com-munication and cooperation between young and old. It is a reminiscence of the old slate tablet - and therefore really nice and retro.

The beverage coaster, a quasi "gastronomic cultural asset", meets the impression of a blackboard, chalk and a sponge as a doodle coaster. Everything is practically packed in a small slipcase. The chalk can be used to write, paint or simply doodle on the twelve black-painted doodle coasters. If you like, you can draw your own tic-tac-toe and play alone. Walter Hanel, successful book and game author had the idea for the doodle coaster in a restaurant: "I saw how a family with two children fell completely silent be-cause everyone sat at the restaurant table bent over their smartphones. It was a sad scene that I wanted to resolve," he recalls. The beverage coasters in front of him on the table inspired him – the Internet research led him to The KATZ Group. There he found the right product, a 300-year-old company history that impressed him, and a team that inspired him: "The materials for the beverage coasters are pure spruce wood and water, and KATZ is also a role model in terms of sustainability in production."

With Olaf Müller, Walter Hanel had a contact person at The KATZ Group who immediate-ly set product development in motion: "We quickly developed a solution for coating our groundwood board to meet the demands on the doodle coasters. Black paint and a special varnish result in a finish that allows scribbling with chalk and cleaning with a dry sponge," explains the KATZ Sales Manager. According to Müller, the raw material of the doodle lid does not differ from that of the beverage coaster: "Groundwood pulp board from KATZ has been produced in the middle of the Black Forest for more than 100 years. It consists of thinning wood, which the company obtains from a maximum distance of 200 km, natural starch and water." A closed-loop recycling system, a sophisticated heat recovery system and a closed water cycle show that the subsidiary of the Koehler Paper Group from Oberkirch not only has an idea of, but also a strategy for sustainability.

For Walter Hanel, who has already placed a successful game on the market with "Im Kritzeln eine 1" (engl.: Number one in doodling), the doodle coaster is the slate tablet of the 21st century - but with more charm, creative potential and in a new guise: "On the back of the card, impulses can be written which are then converted into doodles – a wonderfully playful combination of natural material, learned format and an invitation to become creative. Scribbling as such defies any evaluation from the outset and is particu-larly fun for the children, as we have found in tests in schools and kindergartens." And: The doodle coaster is so much fun that even the smartphone can be left alone for a while.
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Newsgrafik #34609

The KATZ Group has a new CEO  (Company news)

Even though Karsten Beisert (photo) originally hails from Lower Saxony, he has now grown extremely fond of Baden. “Every valley here is home to a global market leader,” he said. He is now taking over responsibility for the global market leader for beer coasters as CEO, replacing Daniel Bitton, who had been responsible for operations at The KATZ Group for the past nine years.

Professionally, the friendly 51-year-old comes from a completely different background, having worked in the textiles industry for the past 20 years. But he not only brings to his new role an analytical mindset coupled with a wealth of experience in customer relationship management from this time, but also the desire to successfully grow and enhance a business. “I am obviously focused on earnings and performance,” he said, but highlighted the importance of working together. “I want to work with my team to enhance The KATZ Group in order to meet the challenges of the future.” And he believes that the underlying conditions for this are excellent.

“The parent company is well positioned, which is an important factor,” he said. A company also needs to have certain structures in place to be successful, which he also assumes is the case. Mr. Beisert is looking forward to his new role. This also has to do with the fact that he can now remain in Baden after his last stint in Karlsruhe. “I’m proud of where I’m from, but I’m an honest guy,” he said, and summed up: “The food is better, the wine is better, and the residents of Baden are able to enjoy it better.”

Kai Furler, CEO of Koehler, which owns The KATZ Group, is pleased to have acquired Mr. Beisert as CEO. “In Karsten Beisert, we were able to find the addition to our team that we wanted,” he said. At the same time, he also thanked Daniel Bitton, who has turned to new challenges after nine years at the head of the company.
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Newsgrafik #32473


The KATZ Group has invested in a new 30-meter long packing line at its Weisenbach site. The line was symbolically started up by managing director Daniel Bitton and printing plant manager Ralf Korz on 19 January 2017.

Much of the work of packing bundles of coasters onto pallets was previously carried out manually, but in the future this will all be handled by the automated packing line, which packs the finished beer mats onto pallets and then wraps each pallet in stretch film. The line is controlled via a touch panel which stores the arrangement of the coaster packs on the pallets. KATZ personnel control and monitor the whole system and can summon up the list of current orders at the touch of a button.

The new packing line even has a name: “Konrad”. It is named after Konrad Merkel, the former head of electrical maintenance who took well-deserved retirement at the end of 2016 after 47 years working for KATZ. He was the one who encouraged the purchase of the new system back in 2013.

It took around nine weeks to assemble the packing line, and now it is finally up and running at the Weisenbach plant.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to everyone involved in the project, both at the plant and at the planning department in Oberkirch. The project could never have been completed so quickly without their tremendous commitment and support.
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Newsgrafik #30356


The difference between water and people is that water needs no encouragement at all to turn its energy into work! All you need is someone with the will to harness that energy. That's why hydro power is one of the longest established, most widely used, and indeed most reliable forms of renewable energy production.

With the completion of major refurbishments to its hydro power plants, The KATZ Group has confirmed its commitment to a sustainable corporate strategy. Even before the modernization work, the company was covering 34 percent of its energy needs with its own renewable sources – so people are already enthusiastically awaiting the new figures! The KATZ Group expects its four highly efficient Kaplan turbines and generators to boost the amount of electricity produced by 1.23 million kilowatt hours a year, a figure roughly equivalent to the power consumption of some 300 homes.

As well as installing new technology, the company has made further efforts to improve the ecology of the River Murg by making alterations designed to help fish navigate up and down the river. The 3.8 million euro investment has created a cost-effective and eco-friendly basis for meeting the challenges that lie ahead.

Enthusiasm for the high quality of the project came from various bodies, including the Karlsruhe local government office, Rastatt district administration, and the municipality of Weisenbach, which owns the stretch of water. They expressed particular praise for the changes made to help fish navigate up and down the Murg, which have improved the overall ecology of the river.

There was widespread satisfaction among the project participants with the skilful way in which the challenges of the project had been overcome.
"That's why I would like to express my thanks to everyone involved – it was thanks to them that the project ran so smoothly and successfully," says Daniel Bitton.
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Newsgrafik #26723

KATZ AT FESPA LONDON 25 – 29/06/2013   (Company news)


Manufactured from environmentally friendly KATZ wood pulp board, these two-side laminated display boards are the perfect print product for top-quality signage, tent cards and other POS display solutions.

KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS are the ideal eco-friendly choice for people who care about sustainability and who consider the following criteria to be important:
-finding a good alternative to plastic;
-choosing eco-friendly materials;
-reducing disposal costs;
-achieving optimum image quality and a clear, sharp edge;
-finding a lightweight and stable solution;
-and prioritising German-made products from an environmentally friendly value chain.

Keen to find out more?
We would love to chat, so why not visit our stand at FESPA 2013 in London (EXCEL): 25 – 29/06/2013 | hall N | stand P8
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