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Safeguards for the production quality of your beverage products

Anton Paar GmbH, with its headquarters in Graz, Austria, is the leading manufacturer of analytical instruments for the beverage industry. One hundred years after Anton Paar started his small machine shop, the company now has over 3,700 employees and 33 sales subsidiaries as well as nine producing firms around the world.

Anton Paar is a full-range supplier. With solutions ranging from portable instrumentation to high-precision lab equipment and inline sensors that monitor the whole manufacturing process, the company provides all of the world’s leading beer, wine, spirits, and soft-drink manufacturers with analytics safeguarding production quality.

The modular approach of Anton Paar beverage-analyzing systems for the lab allows the combination of several measuring instruments into a single setup and determines 30+ key parameters in one run. With the help of Anton Paar’s inline sensors and software solutions, parameters can be traced from any location in the plant, and calibration and adjustment data is synchronized with data provided by the lab instruments.