Angry peacock goes on rampage at liquor store

The saying of "behaving like an elephant in a china shop" is common knowledge, but in California there could be a new saying soon: "Behaving like a peacock in a liquor store"...

Angry peacock goes on rampage at liquor store
© Photo by dolm06 at Pixabay

The peacock probably entered the liquor store unnoticed through the accidentally open door and was only discovered by a customer as it sat under the neon sign for a brand of beer.

However, a summoned animal control employee seemed seemed to enrage the bird, which had previously been quietly relaxing among the bottles. The animal control employee tried to lure the peacock out of the store, but the agitated bird ran through the store and broke several bottles while trying to escape the animal control worker's net.

By the time it was finally caught by the animal control officer with the help of a passerby, the peacock had destroyed $500 worth of wine and champagne.

The rampaging peacock was eventually released at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden.