Badger drinks 7 bottles of beer and passes out

A female badger had to recover in an animal shelter after she was found passed out on a beach in the Polish seaside resort of Rewal.

Badger drinks 7 bottles of beer and passes out
© Photo by Andy Ballard at Pixabay

The badger, who has since been named Wandzia, had been found surrounded by seven empty beer bottles. Two more beer bottles were lying in the bushes, apparently the female badger had started her beach party there.

It is suspected that the badger stole the beer bottles from other beachgoers and then removed the beer caps with its teeth in order to enjoy the barley juice.

Wandzia, however, was unconscious for two days after her binge, but had recovered afterwards and was not yet able to sit and stand up right away. She sleeps a lot, eats and drinks - but now only water. Nothing stands in the way of her release into the wild.