Which beer would you like? Blue, green or red?

Since opening in 2007, Abashiri has developed a range of unusual beers using scallops, milk and various other secondary ingredients. The colours of the beers refer to the nature of different regions in Japan.

Blue, green or red beer desired?
© Photo by Hafis Fox on Pixabay

Drift Ice Draft
Based on this know-how, Drift Ice Draft was launched in February 2008, a beer with the blue colour of the Sea of Okhotsk. Drift ice, which is representative of Abashiri in winter, is used as brewing water.

Drift Ice Draft Lemon Sour
Like Drift Ice Draft, this Salted Lemon Sour uses drift ice as brewing water, a winter tradition in Abashiri City, Hokkaido, with the tartness of lemon juice and salt from the Sea of Okhotsk.

Shiretoko DRAFT
Shiretoko DRAFT is inspired by the fresh, green season in the World Heritage Site of Shiretoko, which is expressed in the clear green and unprecedented aroma.

Abashiri Cherry Drop
Abashiri is the northernmost cherry-growing region in Japan. Abashiri cherries with their strong aroma and rich flavour are used as an ingredient. Enjoy the fruity sweetness and refreshing aroma of the red beer.