BORCO expands Irish whiskey portfolio with THE BUSKER whiskey blend, available now

In the exquisite whiskey portfolio of the Hanseatic family business BORCO-MARKEN-IMPORT joins now THE BUSKER as a novelty from Ireland. The Irish Whiskey category could achieve considerable increases in Germany in the past years. With the distribution takeover of THE BUSKER, BORCO is giving the up-and-coming category a further boost and offering new taste experiences, embedded in an urban brand world, which is intended to inspire new aficionados in particular for the Irish whiskey craft.

BORCO expands Irish whiskey portfolio with THE BUSKER whiskey blend
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It is a world for characters who always wander through the world with a story on their lips, dreaming and treading their path with curious eyes - always on the lookout for new experiences and in tune with their own rhythm. The musical, creative and the creation of something new is not only reflected in the unique production of THE BUSKER, but also in the brand name, which can be translated into German as "Straßenmusiker:in".

THE BUSKER stands for a modern Ireland, where new stories are written that are able to capture the contemporary as well as the cultural heritage of the country. Currents, traditions and rituals come together that can be experienced in every drop of THE BUSKER. Testimony to the connection between modernity and tradition is the Royal Oak Distillery in the southeast of the island, where pot still, malt and grain whiskeys are produced under the direction of Distillery Manager Lisa Ryan, bringing THE BUSKER to life.

THE BUSKER Triple Cask Triple Smooth
THE BUSKER Triple Cask Triple Smooth at 40% by volume is an exceptional blend made from a premium single grain as well as a very high proportion of single malt and single pot still whiskeys. Thanks to its triple maturation in bourbon, Marsala and sherry casks, it is particularly soft yet complex on the palate.

THE BUSKER shimmers with golden hues that invite you to explore its rich flavor bouquet. The taste experience begins with tropical fruit and vanilla notes on the nose, followed by hints of malt, sweetness and dark chocolate - intensified by more subtle notes of toffee fudge and cinnamon. On the finish, the Triple Cask Triple Smooth is soft, well-balanced and with sweet notes.

THE BUSKER is now available in stores for an RRP of 19.99 euros (0.7l).

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