Borco: The 100% puro de agave range SIERRA Antiguo strengthens own character with new design

The SIERRA Antiguo 100% puro de agave range from the Tequila flagship SIERRA, owned and internationally distributed by the Hamburg based family business BORCO-MARKEN-IMPORT, is being launched in a new design that highlights the Aztec roots as well as the artisanal production
of this exquisite tequila with the full-bodied aroma of the richest agaves from the highlands of Jalisco. The reworked designs of SIERRA Antiguo Plata and SIERRA Antiguo Añejo will be rolled
out in BORCO’s international markets as from now.

Packshot of SIERRA Antiguo Añejo
© Borco-Marken-Import Matthiesen GmbH & Co. KG
Source:  Company news

To sharpen the distinct personality of SIERRA Antiguo Plata and SIERRA Antiguo Añejo, the new look relies on a modified bottle shape that stands out on the shelf and is intended to highlight the high-quality production and allows better bottle handling. This makes SIERRA Antiguo perfect for a wide range of Tequila drinks.

The fruity flavor profile is highlighted by a "Sierra Antiguo 100% puro de Agave" embossing on the back of the bottle. The iconic sombrero in classy silver continues to adorn the bottle and is
complemented by elements about the production in the form of coins on the front of the bottle. Alongside the sombrero, the eye-catching hollow embossing on the front remains, providing a high-quality look and feel. The contemporary design is supplemented by a new front label, which has a cleaner look and puts the brand name in the foreground, underlined by a Mayan pyramid.

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